1. chrisdesign

    Pixelquid plug-in not possible?

    I downloaded the Pixelquid plug-in. But when I want to install it, it opens the Extension Manager. This is the translation of what it says in my german version. The extension "com.pixelquid.heroplayer" could not be installed. Make sure that the file "manifest.xml" for this extension is...
  2. Z

    so, Who's Upgrading to Windows 10 today?

    Hey guys, It's the 29th of July, as you probably know, I've been looking forward to this day for lord knows how long now, as it's the day I can finally be rid of windows 8.1. I don't know about you guys, but my windows 8.1 has slowly been getting slower and slower with several bugs, including...
  3. SeniorS

    Good Font Manager on Windows 7?

    I haven't use none of font manager yet but start to feel need for it. Usually i just "install" font on system. But with many fonts it's seems kinda not best solution. So, advice, please, some good, easy and fast font manager for windows 7 64bit to work with PS, Indesign and so on.