1. B

    Template for creating book cover

    Hello! Does anyone knows where to get templates (cover size, side size and the back) for making book covers? For real book in this case since they have the back of the book and the side of it too. Or usually the author gives you this information in cm?
  2. Paul

    Before and after manipulations from your own camera.

    Taken earlier up in the hills around Brigadoon, just sitting there rusting away i gave it the treatment. Original. Manipulated. Have you got any to share...must be your own mind.
  3. Paul

    Royal photoshop

    Media outlets are reporting that this image of the Royals may have been manipulated, what do you think? :mrgreen:
  4. Paul

    Manipulated Game

    Take this image and manipulate it in any way you can think. play nice and keep it clean:)