1. P

    Illustrator Question about vector path

    Hi, I am still new to vectoring and I have a question. I have drawn a couple of vertical and horizon strips on the canvas. However, I am stuck as to how to do the end part of the strips where they meet at the circular path of the other strips. (I have circled this in red) Currently I just...
  2. D

    How to sort Photoshop actions?

    Hi guys,I just downloaded a bunch of actions and now my set is a mess.Is there a way to sort them somehow?do i have to do them manually one by one,or is there a quicker way,maybe a tool?Also is there a way I could preview them somehow?
  3. P

    How can I do this?

    Hi. I wanna polish the picture below. How can I do it? There are too many pages so I can't do it manually, I need some kind of method. Thanks.
  4. gedstar

    Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers

    Is anybody having issues getting the latest updates to PSCC2015, I think it's just a ACR update so I downloaded it manually from here But still getting the Creative Cloud unable to reach adobe servers error Here's a thread...
  5. R


    Hello There is one of my artwork. Before two pictures, I had fixed 24 mm lens: and after (manually stitched in photoshop to get better result and color correction) :
  6. N

    change value in many steps during action playback

    i've created an action that selects color range many times with fuziness: 15. i'd like to change this value 15 to any other ex.20. right now i have to manually change it many times.
  7. J

    Make claw marks as a shape

    Hey everyone, First timer here, so thanks in advance for any replies. I am not sure if this is something that can be done, and if so, whether it is photoshop or illustrator which I would use. Anyway, I am trying to replicate claw marks, but have one of the claw marks look like an object...