1. inkpad.t

    Matte Painting

    I made this Matte Painting so i could give it away for free as a stock background for those on Deviant Art... its here in a full size image Its not Brilliant bar far , but its for free,and i'm sure some one will make use of...
  2. Eggy

    Great technique for removing white halo around selection

    A problem we've all encountered when doing selections and the option 'matting/remove white Matte or defringe doesn't get you the best result. Here's a technique used by Glyn Dewis
  3. inkpad.t

    New matte painting

    The Landing Area Part 3d images, photos, and some painting,
  4. inkpad.t

    new matte painting

    Matte painting of a girl being abandon in a decaying forgotten town, Image is low res, original size and res in signature.
  5. inkpad.t

    The Valley...New matte painting.

    I got bog down with the other matte painting of the rooks,angels and beach etc, so i did another one instead.
  6. inkpad.t

    matte painting in progress

    Doing another matte painting. Original file is is 8000 px wide. Not sure which way i'm going with it yet. But will post Finnish version when done.
  7. inkpad.t

    Matte painting

    Not posted any paintings for a while... so did a matte painting.
  8. P

    glossy vs matte screen for photoshop

    Hi - I'm shopping for a new PC laptop. Need a 17" screen. It seems that all screens are glossy now - which looks real good, but aside from not being able to work on my porch with the glare, I heard that photoshop color adjustments on images may be an issue with a glossy screen. Is this true...
  9. A

    matte painting tutorials

    Where can I find nice matte painting tutorials