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matte painting in progress

couple more additions to the painting.... going in a fantasy type painting.


will add more soon... need to do more on the bg area of the buildings and the sea.
This is awesome, with incredible contrast!!!

Don't add too many things it, leave some space.
Maybe adjust the lighting of the two "girls", the should have the same contrast as the big rock face on the left.
I like this ink, but be careful not to add too many elements. Even now, I think they are crowding the idea. Maybe if there was just one of the new adds, or they were smaller or closer together on the right side? Just a thought.

Very very nice though. I haven't been around to see your work for awhile and Bravo, looking good.
Thanks everyone... see what you mean about overcrowding.... I have removed the standing angel in the sea above the one kneeling down, makes a far better composition, just toying with the idea of adding some water falls to rocks and things in the sea, I was thing of adding a water fall to the area of the cross in the eye on the left side of the rocks, and possibly from the standing angel on the right ? not quite sure the bg is finished ? looks a bit bare bones.

I will play around with it and see what I get and post it when finished. I added a boat to the right last night, but removed it as it didn't look right, I thought how did the angels get there, but then stupid me realised, ( hay dumb nutts, take the jacket off , they have wings ).

Nice to see you back Ibclare.... and thank you.
I've been looking at this again. I hate to see you make too many adjustments to the first. But, here are a couple thoughts.

The woman floating on her back does not have any highlights such as the rocks.
If you keep the size of the canvas the same, it seems to me that the large elements could both move right a bit, one more than the other so there is not too much symmetry.
If you put a waterfall on the distant rock, it might be too much detail.

What I would do is put this awy for awhile and come back to it fresh. That often works for me. But when it doesn't, well . . . sometimes I just let it go. However I think your work is worth keeping and working till you feel satisfied.