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  1. G

    Specific Please enhance facial features

    Hi everyone. I printed the following picture 4 x 6 in. It's a pretty small format. I didn't like how the facial features aren't easy to make out on that picture. That's why I'm hoping something can be done about that and print it again. @IamSam agreed that a possible way to enhance the features...
  2. R

    Creative Dogs head on mans body

    Can someone please help me put my friends dogs head onto this mans body and make it look like part of the painting? Choose from any of the dogs heads in photos. Thank you!
  3. E

    Specific Car wash and Parking Lot Re-Design

    Hey! I'm looking for a way to see how the redesign of a car wash and parking lot will go for a car wash business. If possible, I'd like someone to remove the sign, paint the white walls blue and add yellow parking lines for traffic. Also paint all the bollards yellow to be better visible...
  4. K

    Specific In desperate need to impress mother in law!! Please help!!

    Hello everybody, My name is Karel from the Netherlands. I'm a beginner in Photoshop with an old macbook and CS5 (no oil paint filter ) in desperate need of your advanced skills and kindness. I would like to impress my mother in law by giving her the perfect christmas presents. She has three...
  5. IamSam

    Still Life Digital Painting (study)

    As promised, I have some more art to contribute. I was getting ready for a dog painting but I recently became interested in posting a still life painting for the purpose of establishing myself as a credible digital artist who knows a little about what he's talking about. I'm not trying to prove...
  6. inkpad.t

    Another Warrior Queen

    Another Warrior Queen I did, bit more painting on this one.
  7. IamSam

    Cat Study One

    Hey guys. I decided to do some digital paintings and I started with this study of a cat photo that I found on Pixabay (Smaller version) I only have about six hours in this painting and since it's just a study, I've left out some detail. While the painting follows the reference closely, I...
  8. Zain Khan

    Realistic Apple Digital Painting

    Hi there This is one my latest Digital painting done using Photoshop CS6. I completed it last night. Feel free to comment :)
  9. C

    Photoshop painting and tutorials

    Hi everyone! I recently made my first painting of a picture I took - in Photoshop. Afterwards I found out there was a rather simple way to record what I'm doing on my computer to show the process, but I was already finished unfortunately. But I made a YT-video to show the various layers I used...
  10. C

    "Fake oil portrait" for my bro's birthday

    Hi guys! So I was thinking about giving my bro this fake oil portrait for his birthday... But unfortunately I don't even own Photoshop and quite frankly I'm useless with the free editors as well (I can somehow copy the face but I can't edit the colors so it looks like it's the oil painting...
  11. vladitan

    Help with coloring DOTA heroes

    Hi. Before a long time I draw those pics but i couldn`t color them. If you want you can give it a try. It will be interesting how they will look with color.
  12. agentmoeller

    Pelican v. Fish

    Latest Procreate painting. With a WIP progression.
  13. agentmoeller


    I did a redo of the "fish dinner" painting from a month or so ago. Didn't like the original, so I re-imagined it.
  14. S

    remove flash hotspot from painting picture

    Job done elsewhere so I removed the post.
  15. Pipsmom

    Mask issue

    :banghead: I noticed a annoying problem the past few days when painting black over my mask to reveal ....but before I finish the whole area, the first section I started in begins to slowly turn back opaque leaving a faint hue...I rework the mask by painting it again real fast before it happens...
  16. L

    Game Mod Portrait (Part 2)

    Like my first thread (Game mod portrait) here, I would like this picture In this style And here follows a painting as refference for hair/eye/skin color (only colored picture of him) Once again, thanks in advance!
  17. T

    Creating a metallic paint effect... how?

    Hi All Just wondering if there's an effect or brush effect that allows one to use a metallic painting effect. Have done a search on youtube to no avail. Any ideas/suggestions/advice?
  18. J

    My Granddaughter

    Is there any suggestions of what could be done to improve and can you guess how I done this pic? I tried to get to look like a painting . Here is a before here is after
  19. Pipsmom

    Pen Nib advice needed

    When I acquired my Wacom (ebay purchase) it came with a pen tool which I haven't had a minutes problem with till it comes to painting. I just started learning painting but what's driving me loopy is my nib seems to be to flexible for fine detail as I can feel it moving to much. I've checked my...
  20. N

    Edit: remodel outside of house

    Wife and I are remodeling our house and we both really don't like the red brick exterior and are planning on painting it but having trouble deciding what color to paint the brick and the trim. Can y'all make us with some Photoshopped pictures of color schemes and show us what it'll look like...