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Pen Nib advice needed


When I acquired my Wacom (ebay purchase) it came with a pen tool which I haven't had a minutes problem with till it comes to painting.
I just started learning painting but what's driving me loopy is my nib seems to be to flexible for fine detail as I can feel it moving to much.
I've checked my pen stand and no others were included, I've also read where the nib with the spring is better to use and less flexiable as a solid core....
What do you guys use? And should I go ahead and buy a refill for my stand for other types of work that may come along
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Thank you for that link Gedstar. I followed it and found that the picture was the same exact kind I have...... I noticed it had a case.... so I dug mine out the drawer....You know the drawer where you throw everything in and you never think about it again :rolleyes:
Inside the case was 9 new nibs...now for someone to tell me which one to use . hahahaha