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  1. B

    Specific Remove the lanyard & the pen

    Pls be kind enough to remove the lanyard & pen
  2. T

    Pen tool makes inverse selections...?

    Whenever I use the pen tool to make a selection, the selected area is the inverse of the area enclosed by my path (i.e. I make a circle, the area outside the circle is selected). I'm finding this a bit of an annoyance because I nearly always forget to invert the selection before applying my mask...
  3. Chsavage

    First Ever Pen Vector Art.

    That was rough.
  4. Chsavage

    Ins and Outs of the Pen

    In my journey to improve my photoshop skills (it's been long and tenuous) I've often wondered how I can take my skills to each proceeding level. I think I'm at the point now where I must become familiar with, and attempt to even master, the pen tool. Simple yet vexing all at the same time. I...
  5. R

    Pen and paper band logo "transcription" into .jpg

    Could you transcribe this pen and paper into jpeg? It doesn't have to look the same (but it would be ok), it would be also very nice to see your interpretation of it if you would want to do it your way. And please make it white text on black background (ofc. not necessary if you want to make it...
  6. G

    Help with 3D anaglyph tutorial

    Hi all, I have been following this tutorial: So far it is coming along fine except at the 8:00 minute mark. When he isolates the hand you can clearly see it but here's what happens when I do it on my end The pen tool is set as he instructed so I am not sure why...
  7. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Question on the pen tool

    Hello all. I have an issue with the pen tool. If you look at the image below, I draw the black outline with the pen tool. These are several shapes on top of each other. Sometimes, when I come to a point (see the blue arrows), then change the line direction, I get a flat, squared-off endpoint...
  8. C

    Pen tool question

    When I'm using the pen tool. Sometimes I might evidently click on something else or I might click a button in th le keyboard. After this happens I can't continue from where I left off. It starts a whole new selection. When I try to alt+z it doesn't fix it either. So my question is, what do I...
  9. K

    Wacky Pen tool behavior

    Hello, all- I'm on an iMac late '12 running Sierra (10.12.4) using PS CC 2017.1.1 and I'm having a problem I've never seen before with PS. I need to make clipping paths for the images delivered to a client. What happens is when I'm using the Pen tool and while creating the path, the Pick a...
  10. C

    Freeform Pen tool -- how to stop it from curving my path

    I'm trying to create a path using the freeform pen tool. When I have drawn the path and release the mouse button, photoshop cc automatically curves the path or even sometimes straightens it. I'm guessing/hoping there is a setting to prevent this and keep the path exactly as I drew it, but I...
  11. agentmoeller

    Random character

    Pen on paper, then colored in Procreate.
  12. A

    How to draw a water glass

    Hi, I'm really bad in pen tool and I need to draw a glass like it, how can I do it? Thanks for help!
  13. P

    I need help with replacing a color...

    Hello, Recently I updated my forum's theme and now the main color is white. However my rank icon's background is gray: Don't ask me why it's a .gif image. I have no idea. I need to change the background to white or transparent. How can I do it? I tried with the pen tool and the selection tool...
  14. Pipsmom

    Pen Nib advice needed

    When I acquired my Wacom (ebay purchase) it came with a pen tool which I haven't had a minutes problem with till it comes to painting. I just started learning painting but what's driving me loopy is my nib seems to be to flexible for fine detail as I can feel it moving to much. I've checked my...
  15. W

    Help me with Digital Art.

    Hello, I want to make a digital art like this. Can anyone guide me how should i start with it. I have no idea about digital art. I am got my new Waicom Pen Tablet,want to try something like this. Please help me. Appreciate any HELP. Thank You
  16. Y

    Photoshop Problem With Wacom Tablet

    I was drawing fine for a couple of minutes with my pen, and it suddenly randomly stopped being able to draw. When I click with my pen, it makes a dot, and then I can't click anything else with my pen. If I move my mouse, it starts drawing starting from the dot without me left clicking, and I...
  17. C

    Odd pen tool behavior in CC 2015

    I use the pen tool regularly in CC 2015 and for whatever reason it's begun behaving oddly today. For instance, If I place an anchor point without handles on screen, then add a connecting path to another anchor point with handles and attempt to modify the path using the CTRL (CMD) key, a handle...
  18. Eggy

    One Way

    This is an old project I never finished. I believe it was the first time I used the pen tool to isolate the grim reapers. Started with to get this:
  19. fredfish

    How to remove a slight Blue cast on a cut out

    I used the pen tool to cut out a motorbike from the background (as much as a training process in developing my pen tools skills as anything) and I am fairly pleased with the results. However there are some parts that have understandably picked up some of the colour from the original...
  20. T

    Drawing Straight Lines with Pen Tool

    I have just installed photoshop and have, as an exercise , tried to design the Umbrella Corp logo. I am stuck at trying to make one of those 8 rounded triangle shapes.I have used the pen tool to draw the upper arc but wen I try to sketch a line to the third vertex, I get a curve instead.I...