1. D

    Pen tool - too much selection

    When I select object outline with pen tool then click make selection, it selects other pixels on it's own. Please see bottom left. I only outline the outside of the logo and selection makes the rest?? IamSam I tried to send pic via pm but it will only let me attach image via url and not paste...
  2. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  3. N

    Help Required to Replace Hand Written Text on Photograph

    Hi I have not been on the forum for some time but the last time I was, I was amazed at the response and how helpful everyone was on here. I'm hoping for a similar response this time. After a recent passing of my other half's grandmother, her mother has received some pictures of the...
  4. F

    Illustrator Keeping the curve

    Hello I want to get rid of 2015 and fill the ball with black. The problem is that it's not a circle but an ellipse. How can I keep the ideal curve? When I do it with the Pen Tool it's always uneven as you can see on the second picture. Thank you in advance.
  5. gautamz07

    Illustrator Making a simple icon in illustrator.

    What is this guy really doing at 1:30 mins ? see the video HERE , He seems to not be creating a separate layer with the pen tool , but somehow use the pen tool to extend the layer. like just pulling it or something and i just somehow can't pull of that trick :D
  6. A

    Is there a way of adjusting the traction of the cursor on the layer?

    I'm not very good at writing notes so I use photoshop to edit the original papers I read for my studies. It actually works really well, but my one problem is this: I use the pen selection tool alot cut out selections of text. It would replace a highlighter perfectly, were it not for the fact...
  7. gedstar

    Bamboo Pen causing mouse to move erratically

    Hi all As the title says, my Bamboo pen is causing my mouse to move all over the place. When I put the pen down the mouse icon starts moving all over the place. I tried re-installing the drivers, changed the nib and it was fine for about a week. It's kind of random and doesn't happen all the...
  8. Z

    Any Tutorial for Pen Tool?

    Hey guys, I want to master pen tool. Is there any tutorial available for free to learn this tool. I find it very difficult. :cry:
  9. Paul

    Biro pen drawing

    Real nerve needed for this style of drawing:wink: Black pen cheap printer paper, again got lost in the moment the moon got away from me and by this time i was BORED again. :cheesygrin:
  10. B

    Question on Pen Tool Handle Control

    Hello everyone, I'm having a bit of a hard time controlling the Handles on Pen Tool created Anchor Points in PS CS5: Hopefully this demonstrates the issue I'm having, where using 1 solution creates 1 new problem, resulting in a circular logic trap that never ends.
  11. F

    Pen stopped working

    I plug in my tablet but the pen does not work. I tried different ports. I contacted the help desk but answers are very short like "does your tablet light up" Now I'm no tech wizzard but that I know..:eek: I also tried changing the tip but nothing happens. Any suggestions or solutions?
  12. T

    Customizing Tablet Pen Buttons (Erase)

    I've just purchased a new tablet and was looking to use the first button on the pen to erase but cant find any info on how to achieve this if possible. I had borrowed one of the older Wacom Bamboo tablets from my work and this was easy as it was an option in the driver - there was a drop down...
  13. P

    Problem with magnetic pen tool

    Hallo, I have problem with pen magnetic pen tool. When I draw path, I have chosen (in magnetic pen tool settings) many anchor points on my path. I see them there. But When I finish my drawing (the start and end point are connected together) the path is not that accurate. Photoshop plain the...
  14. P

    Is it my Wacom tablet or PS?

    I wasn't sure where else to post this, so if I chose wrong, feel free to move:-) I am now using PS CC...have been for a year. Have been using PS since before V4 I guess. I also have a Wacom Intuos 2 tablet. The smallest size. They say it's the 4 x 5 size but I set it up to use the entire...
  15. B

    Pen Tool simulate pressure question

    Good evening. English is not my native language so i apologize for every possible mistake :D when i use the pen in photoshop i sometimes want to use the command "simulate pression" before the line is made. BUT when i do it the pression is simulated everytime in the same way. starts light, in...
  16. S

    [Help!]Pen tool selections come out blurry and feathered

    I am trying to make a clean and crisp selection using the pen tool, but every time I try filling it with the color I want it fills with a pretty noticeable feather or blurred edge. I have tried filling it different ways (with CMD+Delete, and just using the paint brush) and it is always...
  17. Hybrus

    Pen Tablet help with Photoshop and Illustrator

    I have some trouble choosing pen tablet. since I had no experience having one. or holding one. or using one. I am looking for pen tablet that I can use well both Illustrator and Photoshop. I am looking for suggestions for best options.
  18. A

    Pen tool jagged lines?

    I was watching a tutorial on making something with Photoshop and he used pen tool to make a box. He pressed shift to draw a straight 45 degree angle line but when I do it, the sides are jagged. Am I missing something here?
  19. C

    Illustrator Cutting image out of image.

    Im so used to adobe photoshop but its getting very aggravating when you're trying to find a simple way to cut a part of an image out when it's so simple on adobe photoshop. I marked the area I want cut out with a pen but now how do i select the area my pen has selected??
  20. T

    Replace a Wacom Bamboo - What with?

    My Wacom Bamboo CTE 450 seems to have died, so I'm looking for a replacement. Looking at Wacom's site, all the emphasis is to drawing. I don't do that. I use the pen in editing in PS CS 2014, and primarily when I'm editing a Layer Mask. Further, I have no interest in the "touch" functions or...