1. pslane

    2 things that are bothering me

    1. Is there anyway to get around the popup box that says "no pixels were selected"? This bothers me when I want to make something really small into a selection. 2. My pen tool lines are tapered at the ends and I need help fixing this. Thanks!
  2. I

    help with hardware

    My fiancé is starting a photography business and is editing more and more photos. I need help finding the hardware that would make this process easier for her. What I mean is what sort of mouse would be best for her, tablet pen, keyboard, items of that nature. Her computer runs fine, I’m...
  3. ALB68

    New! Gray-scale to Color- Depression era farmer

    Found this old guy at the Library of Congress photo collection from back in the day. I just liked his look for a color conversion. All done with pen tool selections, hue and saturation adjustment layers with colorizing. Source: Library of Congress
  4. A

    Phone with pen tool (Photoshop)

    Hi I try to draw Phone (like in iOS 8) but fails. Someone can write a guide step over step how to draw phone like in iOS 8 with pen tool? Thanks!
  5. Lorenzo

    HELP ME: Photoshop CC "Wave" with Pen Tool

    I have to do a Wave with the pen tool. I made the wave in photo for show you how i want it. But how can i do it precisely with the pen tool? Can someone help me? :)
  6. gautamz07

    creating dotted lines

    i am sure this should be relatively easy , but just don't know how ?? , i basically want to create something like this : notice the "dots" are actually rectangular . now this can be achieved with the pen tool and than using a brush and doing "stroke path" but there is a problems : --...
  7. M

    Can I remove pen on pen?

    I found an old letter that had some writing crossed out and I am trying to see what is under the scribbled part. Is there any way to do this?? Thank you for all of the help!
  8. F

    Pen Tool Tracing Help

    When I try to trace an image with the pen tool, the tool will auto fill in my design. I cannot get the pen tool to trace only. How do I turn off the option to auto fill? Please see attached for an example. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  9. iDad

    Illustrator bezier handles

    for those who have trouble with bezier handles (the pen tool)check this out.bezier
  10. A

    pen pressure not working on wacom bamboo

    ive re installed the driver several times but pen pressure wont work for some reason, its a bamboo touch tablet... im using a new computer (windows), it has always worked fine on other computers before... any ideas?
  11. Chsavage

    The ideal tool

    I want to work with this image, but I'm having trouble deciding which tool is the best to pull the subject matter from the background so that I can work with it more freely. Typically I use the pen tool. I put down about 756,982,012,117 anchor points and then I can pull the image out. It seems...
  12. R

    Pen tool path color

    Although I think the pen tool could be an excellent way of making selections, I find that in many situations the path color hardly shows against a midtone or gray area I want to select. Furthermore I find the tangent line makes things worse since it's the same color as the path (gray) and can...
  13. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Pen tool

    Anybody have any idea why this is happening in Illustrator? I start using the pen tool. Sometimes the path I am making stays illuminated with the layer color of a given layer (usually blue), the whole time I'm drawing. When I create a new anchor point, I see my path illuminated (whether it's...
  14. ibclare

    Pen tool fun

    Hi! I've just been having a bit of fun making shapes with the pen tool. I've got 2 so far and aim to make a few more. No particular reason ... yet!
  15. J

    Smooth Edges in Pen Sketch with Bleed

    My friend has drawn a pretty elaborate and detailed sketch that he would like to be fixed up in Photoshop. The issue is all the lines he has made have bled a little so none of the lines are straight and when you look at the detail it does not look to good. Is there a way to easily smooth out...
  16. adeee

    pen tool issue.

    guys look at this picture. I want to create this picture via pentool. but the problems is when i create this picture, the insight of the picture are fill with the colour i selected but i just want that insight must be transparent and the border lines with the selected color must be made...
  17. L

    pen pressure not working?

    I have a tablet pc with a stylus, but photoshop is not recognizing this when I go to the "shape dynamics" option. any ideas ?
  18. G

    Tablet pen doesn't work right with dodge tool !

    Hi all, Can anyone help me to get my pen (Wacom Intuos 2) to work properly with dodge tool like the mouse? Here's to illustrate: It is the dodge effect was made by mouse It is by the pen (same brush size) The brush becomes too small and has a hardness effect, not smooth at all. If I size...
  19. F

    No pen tool. Need options.

    Hey guys. I've decided to take my art to the digital side. I'm using a wacom tablet and I have a few sketches I've started that I would like to ink the lines for that ultra smooth look. However, I'm using elements 8 (cause I'm poor) and there is no pen tool option. I'm also very new to PS so...
  20. amigo

    Photoshop Tutorial #6- Pen Tool made Easy.

    Hey Guys and girls, here is a new Video Tutorial, this time about the Pen Tool in Photoshop. Like always, be sure to Download the .PSD file and try it out yourself. I know it's been a long time since the last tutorial, I explained why that is in the video.. Pen Tool Tutorial I hope...