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  1. M

    Hi from Lincoln in the UK

    Hi I'm Mike and I live in Lincoln Lincolnshire in the UK. At 71 I'm always looking for things to occupy my time and I've just got Photoshop and need some help to get started. I wanted to use Photoshop to animate the hands of a figure I found from another piece of software that I own so it will...
  2. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] The Last Stand.

  3. Pipsmom

    Pen Nib advice needed

    When I acquired my Wacom (ebay purchase) it came with a pen tool which I haven't had a minutes problem with till it comes to painting. I just started learning painting but what's driving me loopy is my nib seems to be to flexible for fine detail as I can feel it moving to much. I've checked my...
  4. E

    Making a picture stand out.......

    I recently found a picture of myself as a new born baby and my Mum, its a 45 year old slide I have scanned in. Its in quite rough condition, but id love to frame it for her as a gift. Ideally id like to "photoshop" the image to make it "stand out" ie not simply clean it up but add effects to...
  5. I

    Two graphics needing critique

    Hey folks I'm looking for someone with more insight in some graphics that I've done. Maybe give some advice as well as compare and contrast my current work? Maybe let me know which of the two you find more appealing and explain why? I think your opinions would help me in my pursuit of...
  6. B

    Color business card(logo) work into BW w/spacial effects logo?

    I have a logo (layers) in color with some effects that make it look 3d. I would like to "modernize" and move to a solid or something more like a "tattoo" that will stand out. If that doesn't make sense, I'll try another description. Any help would be appreciated. BD