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Hi from Lincoln in the UK


I'm Mike and I live in Lincoln Lincolnshire in the UK. At 71 I'm always looking for things to occupy my time and I've just got Photoshop and need some help to get started.

I wanted to use Photoshop to animate the hands of a figure I found from another piece of software that I own so it will stand out more to visitors who come to my blog.

I'm hoping some one here knows how to do this.

Thanks a lot .:lol:
Hi Mike and welcome.

Feel free to post your problem in the Photoshop Newbies section and add the picture(s)
Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum. Although I live in Essex I have been spending a considerable amount of time in Boston - so just down the road from you - over the past couple of months looking after my mum who lives there and is very poorly.

As @Eggy said post a description of your problem and I am sure someone here will try to help.



*EDIT - Just noticed you have :)
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Sorry to here your Mums poorly, living in Boston doesn't help either (not meant as a joke). I've been there a few times when I owned a Narrow Boat and didn't think much of it as some where I'd like to live.

Then again, what do I know living in Lincoln for the past 18yrs.
I have got to admit it wouldn't be my choice either.... Mind you mum likes it.

I am jealous of the narrow boat - my fairly long time desire has been to go off grid and live on a narrow boat. Perhaps one day :)