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  1. inkpad.t

    Warrior Queen

    Not Done anything for a while in Photoshop. But did this . painting and images for the background, made model in 3d software then re painted over it in some areas.
  2. gedstar

    The best free graphic design software

    More info
  3. M

    Animating hands in Photoshop

    Hi I've got Mikey here, from another piece of software and after I scew him anticlockwise and cut him in half I want to animate his right hand to wave to every one from behind the first letter of the page title. The software I'm going to be doing this in allows Gif animations, so its worth...
  4. M

    Hi from Lincoln in the UK

    Hi I'm Mike and I live in Lincoln Lincolnshire in the UK. At 71 I'm always looking for things to occupy my time and I've just got Photoshop and need some help to get started. I wanted to use Photoshop to animate the hands of a figure I found from another piece of software that I own so it will...
  5. G

    Hello there

    Hi, I am an ex-programmer turned software tester. I have used Photoshop CC at work. My personal computer has GIMP :P (Only because I can not afford Photoshop) I do not know much in Photoshop, use it mainly for software / web design works. (I do not design, I just use Photoshop to open and...
  6. G

    Anybody has used Photoshop to be donated?

    Hi there, I run a non-profit software development agency. We build software/websites in our free time and the earnings go to charities / poor people. We have all the software we need but we could not find an alternative for Photoshop.(I am able in GIMP but not my graphics designer) It is...
  7. Thoter

    Is HDR still alive?

    I didn't find any suitable new thread, so decided to start a new one. Actually, my first question is - is HDR photo still alive? If you check the internet, you'll find lots of materials, tutorials dating back to 2008-2012. There are several revival periods when companies introduce their producst...
  8. Hybrus

    Vinyl Cutter Software

    Hello Gurus, I need a cutter plotter software, Anyone know does know?
  9. D

    Free absolute beginners course available at Udemy

    Hi everyone, I've just released a series of 10 videos at 5 minutes each about the absolute basics of image editing at this link: This is not a course about how to use any one bit of software. It just covers the basic processes & in what order you would...
  10. admin

    Maintenance Forum Maintenance August 8, 2016

    The forum will soon be going offline for about an hour to complete some software upgrades. During this time the forum will be inaccessible. Once the forum is back online, let us know here if you encounter any issues after the upgrade.
  11. E

    Flower Crown Retouch!

    I created a new beauty retouch recently to pracise on. This is one of those moments where I am left in total awe at the Power of Photoshop. am just stunned that I managed to make such a huge contrast (in my eyes at least) between the before and after images. Futhermore to also realise how...
  12. F

    Defeating Facial Recognition with Photoshop

    I figure there are a lot of experts here and was wondering what your thoughts are on whether by adjusting someones face in adobe photoshop one could defeat advanced facial recognition software. Basically, facial recognition software is really facial matching software - where it measures the...
  13. revnart

    Software promotion

    Hi, I just found and interesting promotion for DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition (I'm not in any way connected with company, software or developer) and wanted to share it with you :) It's an Lightroom / CameraRAW like software, with (as far as I know) lifetime license :) all you need to do is just...
  14. Hoogle

    Good alternatives to lightroom (free)

    Does anyone know any good alternatives to Adobe lightroom that is free, Autodesk Pixlr looks like the best at the moment on quick look on google, However I will describe what it is for then maybe you can best oint me in the right direction. I am starting a local photography club with my local...
  15. gedstar

    Adobe to use software integrity service

    Read more here Seems a bit strange as they won't do anything to prevent you from using the software they'll just tell you you've been a naughty boy, you can...
  16. J

    Old photoshopper looking to upgrade and need advice...

    I'm grateful to find this forum and thanks in advance if anyone can help me out. I've been using Photoshop 7.0 on an XP system for many years but I've recently been forced to upgrade to windows 10. I can't seem to locate a software purchase option that doesn't require a monthly cloud service...
  17. A

    JPEG TrueColor 1.2

    Hello I have a few years of use Photoshop software, and I have a question, Adobe Photoshop jpeg format output files to JPEG TrueColor 1.2 storage format, but other formats JPEG TrueColor 1.1 photo editing software to store, what's the difference the format is JPEG TrueColor 1.2 and JPEG...
  18. Paul

    Free alternatives to the worlds best image manipulation software Photoshop
  19. Paul

    Adobe ask you to check for the latest Flash update ASAP.

    Check your Web browser is running the latest version of Flash. And do it now. Adobe has issued a global alert to computer users around the world warning of a serious security flaw that leaves machines open to ransomware attacks. The company is urging all users to update to the most recent...
  20. gedstar

    Google’s $150 Nik Collection of Photo Editing Software is Now 100% Free

    More info here You can download it from here