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Software promotion


Power User
Hi, I just found and interesting promotion for DxO OpticsPro 9 Elite Edition (I'm not in any way connected with company, software or developer) and wanted to share it with you :)
It's an Lightroom / CameraRAW like software, with (as far as I know) lifetime license :)

all you need to do is just go to link and enter your email. You will receive a download links for mac and windows, and some extra promo code for DxO OpticsPro 11 too :)

Maybe someone find this info useful :)
Alas the website is not in English and the email you get is not in English either, I think some people will be a bit weary about entering an email address onto a site they can't understand so just as a test and because I'm either brave or stupid I'm downloading as I type, will report back when I see what language the installer is.

Google translates the linked page to
"To get your free license for a full version of DxO Optics Pro Elite Edition 9, enter to August 31, 2016 Your e-mail address"
I also used a translate language function, both on website and in Gmail. Installation is in English same as software.