1. benjaminjones

    Photoshop vs. GIMP

    Hi, I am a total newbie to photo editing. As such, I don't have a lot of money to invest in photo editing software. Basically, I just need to be able to create and edit photos for my website, like thumbnails, header images, etc. Since GIMP is a free photo editing software, would it suit my...
  2. S

    Software to design affiliate website?

    Hello, I am planning to start a site like Desidime, Komli display offer and comparison of site like, snapdeal,flipkart & some other sites and earn extra money through affiliate programs...but managing affiliate site is not easy for one person...So tell many software that...
  3. pslane

    considering CS6

    I am using CS3 now and seriously considering finding me a copy of CS6 to purchase. There are so many versions, I am confused about what to buy and worried I might buy the wrong software. Can you look at this and tell me if it is a good version or not? I like the price. (I do hate to go in...
  4. Steve

    DXO Optics Pro 8 FREE

    DXO Optics Pro 8 is a RAW editor and not the most current version of the software but DXO is offering it as a free download if you're interested. I'm not familiar with this software but I downloaded and installed it and plan to play around with in over the next few days. If any of the...
  5. T

    Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign for Making Brochure, Flyer ?

    Dear all, I have a bit confusion about which software is the most suitable for designing a poster, brochure and flyer for commercial use ? I see that all of these software , Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrators can do it. So please give me a good suggestion for which software to use. Thanks...
  6. N

    Photo Mosaics without software

    So I am a self taught photoshopper and I had a friend ask me to do cover art for his next album. He's just a small time local artist and had the pretty generic idea of a photo mosaic of his face made up of other pictures, but I don't believe in doing poor quality work. I'm a little lost on how...
  7. admin

    Forum Software Update and Scheduled Downtime

    We are updating the forum software tonight and have scheduled downtime starting at 8:30 PM EST. The downtime should be less than one hour. After the update is done there may be some bugs in the theme or with mods/plugins we use here. We would appreciate your help in reporting them here if...
  8. S

    Please suggest me a User-Friendly Best Photo Editing software

    Hello Guys, i am new in here, and i need a software which should be user-friendly and simple.. Thanks.. :)