1. ZeroCool22

    Challenge #57: Melting.

    The theme of this month is: "Melting". Do a minpulation where something is melting, simple as that. It's not allowed to use some kind of 3D program like ZBRUSH, etc. must be done 100% in PS, combining images, using your painting skills, etc... Examples: Submissions wil be closed on...
  2. D

    Simulated merging of reflective bodies

    I did a photoshoot with two people in close contact while both are wearing shiny outfits. I want to add an effect such that it looks like the material flows into each other. I did some experiments with the Liquify tool, but so far I am not satisfied with the results. Do I have to use a...
  3. D2AP

    Fractured/Shattered/Melting Image | Photoshop Tutorial

    Quick tutorial on how to make your pictures look as if they are shattering, being blown away, or melting away.