1. Paul

    You and your Avatar...

    Does the avatar you use mean anything to you or is it just something you liked the look of. I change mine almost daily, i use Photoshop to create most of them and i hope they are funny if not raising a little chuckle from members. How about yours?
  2. dv8_fx

    Happy new year to all

    A new year is dawning somewhere in the world. A New Year ...... A New Beginning...... In behalf of everyone here at PSGurus, we would like to wish all our members and everyone across the world .... A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!! It's been a challenging but fantastic 2014. But it was...
  3. Hoogle

    Request to all members

    Ok Guys we are going to get the photoshop Gurus facebook Page running and updated more regularly. So over the next couple of weeks I hope to have it in place just waiting to get admin rights set up at the moment. I am making a request That any member an advanced photoshop user or a beginner to...
  4. C

    Hello to members. I'm here for help.

    I am turning slides into digital photos for a Christmas project and a cropping problem has seriously affected my project. I have done four CDs, the last with 133 slides and have two more discs to go. This is a time-consuming project and each slide needs photo editing. The Photoshop CS4...
  5. M

    hello old and new members

    hi, just thought of dropping by since it was my first post and would like to say hello to all members..
  6. S

    A big big thank you to one of our members

    A big big thank you to one of our members A big big thank you to one of our members recently i put a post asking for some help to make a present for a good friends 50th birthday.. a few members responded but one member on here really went out of his way..nothing was too much trouble for...
  7. Hoogle

    what are the levels of members on PSG

    Just wondering as i have seen a few posts with diferent levels of members from noobie to senior member and then guru so was wondering if anyone can post the benchmarks just out of curiosity really. I am pleased to see I have been promoted very quickly and only been a member for a day and no...
  8. iDad

    PM folders (All members)

    Just a suggestion guys, If you have lots of unneeded private messages (PM's)in your in or sent boxes (folders) clean them out it can only help with memory issues
  9. H

    hello to all members im newbie

    hello to all members in this forum im newbie want to learn new techniques