1. F

    Specific Photo merge request

    Hello, please somebody help if its possible. I would like to merge these 2 photos so that turntable thats fully visible in the second one, becomes visible in the first one as well, ending up as a single photo. It doesn't really have to be good, anything would do. I would greatly appreciate it...
  2. A

    Specific Noob loser needs merge pic help

    Noob here. Can some1 take my loser self & insert me into the 1st pic so it looks like I'm her date? Sorry my pic pasted sideways here but tilt it up so im on the right, lookin 3 inches taller than her & you can crop out the bottom if needed so you can insert me towards the top so I'm
  3. E

    To Merge or Not to Merge?

    Hey guys! I was reading a couple articles about merging documents the other day and saving things for web. Which got me wondering a few things about it. Maybe you guys know the answers! 1) Do you merge your files once you're finished with a project and want to save it for printing? - Or do you...
  4. A

    Join 2 pics for panorama

    Hi! Glad to meet you all. I'd like to ask here for a small work; I want to join/merge the 2 pics I attach here, in order to get a single one as a panorama, although not very big because they are 2 pics and a part of them overlaps. I've tried to do it but as they were edited with prysma...
  5. S

    Block merging help.

    Hello. I am trying to create a header effect like in the image attached but using the colour pallete of the lower image. I want it to be 'big blocky' but with colours 'off pallete' that merge. Does that make sense? If you look at the merge from yellow to orange and then orange to pink in the...
  6. 3

    3D - Merged Layer Alignment

    Hi guys & gals, When I merge a new layer (3d object) to my 3d working environment photoshop resets the ground plane to the new layer. Which means I have to re-align my whole workspace (often many layers) to the new ground plane. This is impossible with a large build. Is there a way to merge the...
  7. G

    How to Merge visible & duplicate layer

    Hi I have been studying a written tutorial(video tutorial is no longer available), and several times it says "Merge visible & duplicate layer". Could someone explain how to go about it. Thanks ganbee :question:
  8. J

    problems with photomerge

    HI. i have been trying too merge images together in photomerge. am doing something wrong as there not merging properly. it probably something am not doing at the beginning. or am i trying too merge too many pictures? Thanks for your help cheers john.
  9. K

    Merge Visible is Different to what I see

    Hi All, I don't know if this is a bug from Photoshop or there's something corrupted within my computer but this problem is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to save this image, yet when I open the jpg that I have just saved it is very different to what I am...
  10. G

    Please help me merge these two images together!

    Hello friends! Could I get someone to help me merge this scenery picture into the background of the picture of me and my boyfriend to make the tower/backdrop "pop" a little more? I really like the picture of us but the background is so boring. Thank you so much!!!
  11. M

    Need help merginng faces

    I've been trying to figure out how to do this for a while, blending two photos together. Kind of like how some people do with different celebs to see how'd they look. I've done it successfully maybe one without it looking crazy. wondering if someone can do one merge for me and then i can try...
  12. M

    Resolution problems with warp function after using PANORAMIC photo merge

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, I have been working with panoramic photo merge and am merging up to 40 images. The result is a very snaky image, I have been using the warp tool in transform functions to correct it, but this leads to a massive resolution loss. Does anyone have a solution or a...
  13. 0

    3D Photoshop 3d - texture onto model

    Hello :idea: is there a way to put a layer onto model ? something like merging 2 layers. I have a picture that i want to put on a car model and I would like to merge it into it "from point of view" I couldn't find anything on google, only "draw on object" but never "merge layer to object" I...
  14. J

    Merge 2(or more) images seamlessly

    Hello everyone! I would like to merge grass textures with a stone brick texture so it looks like a road.(The grasses grow alongside the road). I cannot find a similar tutorial in google so I decided to ask in here. Thank you!
  15. C

    Please help out a newbie.

    Hey guys, I'm new to Photoshop and I want to try and do something pretty simple but I can't find the words to Google it properly. What I'm wanting to do is make a 16x16 greyscale tile and each grey pixel acts like a shade of colour, then I want to be able to pick a base colour and add it to a...
  16. I

    How do I merge the diffuse texture with the effects and generated normals (3D model)?

    Without effects (blending & material generated normals from diffuse): and with: Does anyone knows how I can merge these generated by photoshop into the texture? The texture: I've looked around on the internet and I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Is this even possible? UPDATE: More...
  17. S

    problem in merging two layer

    I want to merge two layer. layer 1 contains this picture: layer 2 contains this picture: - after merging: I want to place layer 2 above layer 1. but only the color change. why does this happen?
  18. nachofrades

    Collapse Layers with mask

    Hi Folks! I have a very big layer stack (about 100) and I want to know if it's possible to merge two layers mantaining the maks (in both the same mask), I have tried but not working methods... Thanks!
  19. Y

    Illustrator problem in info window and pathfinder window?

    Hi friends i have 2 problems.first do not show dimensions in info window. second merge layers in pathfinder window. First: second: after merging thank you very much.
  20. A

    What Is The Significance of Merging Layers?

    I'm following instructions on how to colorize a black and white pic. I've got my pic in there and I've copied it to make a working layer. So I've got two layers: original and copy. First thing is to change to RGB, I read. So I go to change it and get a message about it possibly changing the...