1. L

    Liquify Error message

    Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I apologize. I'm sure this is posted in the wrong location, so move it if need be. Whenever I try to use liquify in Photoshop CC, I keep getting an error message that says " Operation could not be completed, access is denied." I can open...
  2. MoltresRider

    "paste profile mismatch" but it is NOT

    The source and destination are the same RGB profile but Photoshop insists that it is not! The error message dialog shows that they are the same but the error still occurs. I do see a "VX922" thrown in the error but when I Google it, only airplane results show up in Google. I then tried adding...
  3. D

    Help Wanted for Secret Santa

    Hello All, I have an idea about putting my father in laws face in a few classic film posters. I can get them printed but guess I need a good hi res image. If anyone cal do this for me I would appreciate it. Regards Dan
  4. Q

    Need help with putting text message screenshot like a background behind another pictu

    Need help with how I could put a text message screenshot I have like a background image with a foreground picture on top of it. Kinda like this example:
  5. gedstar

    Adobe to use software integrity service

    Read more here Seems a bit strange as they won't do anything to prevent you from using the software they'll just tell you you've been a naughty boy, you can...
  6. MoltresRider

    VRam error message in Photoshop ever since "updating" my Video Driver

    I updated my video drivers straight from the AMD website for my AMD Radeon HD 8210 and now Photoshop claims I have less than 512 MB of VRam when I have 2GB of VRam. I get an error message, "Photoshop requires at least 512 MB of VRam. Photoshop has detected less than that on your system." It has...
  7. D

    Mothers day request!!

    Needing my hand edited out of a picture i am using for a mothers day present please help! New to this i do not know how to add a picture so please message me for it.
  8. M

    PS Newbie here: I'm doing a propaganda poster would like feedback

    Hi everyone! I installed Adobe Photoshop CS6 on my computer yesterday and have been fiddling around with it for awhile. I watched tutorials on pretty basic things like cropping out and resizing images. But what I'm having the most trouble with is with color matching. I have a bunch of images in...
  9. Z

    After Effects to Photoshop?

    I have just finished editing a video clip in After Effects and am trying to open it in PhotoShop CS3 but an error message keeps coming up that says "Could not complete your request because it it not the right kind of document" that was with an .AVI file Or this message for an MPEG-2 "could...
  10. Paul

    Servers certificate as expired WARNING.

    Had to log in to post this usually straight on no issues, all good my end no issues anywhere else either just here? Message saying site not secure?
  11. IamSam

    Flowers and Personal Notes for Larry (ALB68)

    As you know, we recently announced the loss of one of our PSG members and fellow moderator Larry Bratton otherwise known as ALB68. We, the staff here at PSG, would like to collect personalized notes from any members who knew and interacted with Larry to be sent along with a nice flower...
  12. A

    Can't reinstall Painter 2015 x64

    When I tried to start Painter 2015x64, I got an error message telling me to reinstall from the original source. When I tried that, I got a message telling me the previous installation was corrupt. So I tried to uninstall the old installation through Control Panel, and got the same message, so...
  13. agentmoeller

    Unused Logo

    I was messing around with this a while ago. It was supposed to be for a government alert system over text message and e-mail. I don't think I ever submitted it. Any thoughts, if I were going to? I think I left some empty space in case there was going to be text or something. Thanks, Agent
  14. T

    I need someone with Photoshop and Illustrator experience.

    Hello, Im looking for someone with experience in Photoshop and Illustrator to design a shirt. Please send me a Private Message Thank you!
  15. M

    Hidden Channels

    I suddenly foot problem with that the layers get non-editable. I have to double click on them and then that one I clicked on get editable, but if I leave it and edit another and then go back I have to do same same.... I get this message if I try to edit any layer: "Could not use the type tool...
  16. D

    Unable to apply abstract profiles as part of an action.

    Hello - new member here, I am using CS6 on Windows 7. When I try to convert to profile specifying an abstract profile in an action I get an error message: "could not complete the command because of a program error" Has anyone here been able to do this? Thanks Dr. B.