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  1. S

    Why is Adobe Photoshop CS6 slow?

    I have completed to setup photoshop cs6 in my pc. But i am not capable to working with this.When i try to open this software it will take few minutes for open. Also others program will not working at this time. How can i resolve this problem.
  2. M

    How To Change Eye Color In Photoshop

    I FOund This Tutorial Really Amazing :) with in 5 minutes i was able to change eye colors
  3. E

    What's going on?

    Dear PSGS, Im a clothing designer and I made an artwork yesterday in black and white with a relatively simple design. Tried opening it a few minutes ago and it bugged out, now when i look at the preview of the file it looks like this: dahell?
  4. IamSam

    Problem with PSG!

    For me, in the past 4 days, PSG has been shutting down at least 2 times per day that I'm aware of. The shutdowns are lasting about 20 to 30 minutes and I get the 'server is not responding' messages. Just wanted to know if anyone else may be having the same issues. Thanks.
  5. Y

    I am very new (5 minutes ago) and need advice.

    [ I have just purchased Corel x5 on ebay and found out later it wads the education version and not the commercial. I was told to get adobe but I liked Corel and was assured by a printing person that as long as I could convert to pdf files and that it had the Pantone colours, that I could do...
  6. TheBlueAsset

    Make a glossy button in 4 minutes

    Heres another tutorial about making a simple glossy button in photoshop YouTube link: Click Here heres a preview of the final result: