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  1. Kellybug400

    Specific Please change quality of photo

    I’m absolutely amazed my dad let me take this photo because he’s very insecure but this is his first time holding his first grandchild and I would be so touched if someone could help fix this photo. Our Christmas trees lights changed right as I took this and the pink washes everything out. I...
  2. Kellybug400

    Specific Please change photo

    If anyone can make this sweet moment between my dad and his first grandchild more clear it would mean the world to me, if you want to get creative and change the scenery too I’m all for it.
  3. HuckinFell

    New member in Birmingham, UK

    You may have noticed me posting some responses in the free requests section of the site and I thought I should take a moment to introduce myself properly, so here it is... Hello! :wave:
  4. A

    Applying perspective automatically to a smart object?

    Hi guys, i'm in the middle of creating a bathroom at the moment in photoshop. I've got my floor scaled out and perspective warped, i've got my skirting board applied. at the moment i've got some Wall cladding on the back as a straight image. and i've got the 2 side walls perspective warped and...
  5. H


    Hello everyone! I actually came here in a moment of desperation/anxiety and needing a photoshopped image to help make a decision, which I will post about next, and I can't believe how talented you all are! This seems like such a cool community I happened upon in a moment of need and I look...
  6. M

    Smoothen some edges on Christmas cake

    Can someone make the white chocolate drip look a bit more smooth around the edges? Like it actually drips nicely of the cake. At the moment you can see some different layers chocolate. Thanks!
  7. O

    Hello from Dallas Texas (introduction)

    Dear All, I am new to the forum and before I started to ask questions about PS. I would like to say few sentences about me. I am an amateur photographer looking to get better post processing knowledge. I am focusing on landscape and portrait work at the moment. I am an avid traveler and this...
  8. Sendas

    Sendas intro

    Hi, my name is Frank, I´m from Belgium, Antwerp. I live in the south of Spain with my misses and son. I´ve been dabbling with Photoshop since version 7. I´ll contribute to the forum as much as I can but at the moment I´m very busy with work so I´ll probably won´t be here as much as I want to...
  9. M


    Hey all, New to the forum and hope to meet new contacts, learn new things and pick the occasional brain! Big hello from at the moment a Sunny Yorkshire! ;) B
  10. L


    Hi, It's my first time here so I'm stopping in to say hi. I hope to be able to find some help here for my occasional dabbling's with Photoshop. I have a VERY old version but as I have hardly any knowledge of photoshop it is ok for the moment. Bye for now.:)
  11. Paul

    Biro pen drawing

    Real nerve needed for this style of drawing:wink: Black pen cheap printer paper, again got lost in the moment the moon got away from me and by this time i was BORED again. :cheesygrin:
  12. B

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! Newbie here! I'm Bryen, 25 years old, from London, by profession a photographer. Photography is my everything. I didn't come up this moment with any specific question, just want say Hello to all of Photoshop Gurus and thanks to the administrator of this wonderful community.
  13. Paul

    Catching that moment.

    Just love his passion and his informative videos.
  14. Hybrus

    [What Videocard is best for Photoshop?]

    What is the best videocard for photoshop and Illustrator? I am planning to buy a new one. My Videocard is recently broken I think. Last night there where glimps or misbehavior on my screen then a moment later my PC restarted.
  15. J


    Hi I just joined, I hope this is the right kind of site for me. I am no Guru for sure. I am having a problem with my Photoshop at the moment and I am hoping I might find/get some help here on this forum. Off to have a look around. Cheers
  16. FlyAwayFaith

    Editing help, yo'!

    Hey Gurus :D I pop in a few times to learn new Photoshop tricks or to get a little help. I'm a bit far away from my home computer at the moment so I guess I need help, at the moment. xD Hopefully, it won't take much of your time. The sticker on first car, the one that says...
  17. Drejs

    A Moment In Time

    A Moment In Time