1. jemraid

    Started as an abstract, ended up figurative

    Hello all, After finishing this one I felt a bit like Wallender's dad and his trees. Mine always end up with a figure, can't seem to get away from it. I always think that an image looks incomplete without one. Bit daft I know but then most of us can't help what we do. I find the best thing is...
  2. mikecox

    Can someone recommend a more efficient workflow?

    I am creating a 30 page book in Ps using a template file I created; basically an image size that represents the page size. Here is my workflow. I select a group of images in Lr, Move them to Ps using "Edit in" drag each image into the template file, one by one. delete the imported images...
  3. A

    Hillary Mountage

    I montage using various pictures, any fail or opinion are welcome! XD images used
  4. A


    Hi, this is a work i recently did, i like to know your opinions , mistake, suggestions how to make it better. They ask me to create a montage using this 3 images. This are the original images This is the montage
  5. A


    After long time without using photoshop i start again with this retouch on and image of google. Original Retouch and a fast montage that i do because i was bored :wink:
  6. J

    Montage Photo Before & After

    Hi guys
  7. Brian Soto

    Caffeine Fueled 8 Hour Composite for Photoshop Gurus

    I stumbled into this thread the other day, and thought I might borrow the image (model's name is Kirby Griffin) and see what I could cook up. What started as a small quickie exercise soon turned into a...
  8. ZipedX

    Creating a jigsaw for christmas.

    Hi everyone. As the title stated I'm making a Jigsaw as a present for my fiancee and I'm posting this hoping for ideas. I'm aiming to create a montage containing her and our two children in some "fictional environment". For the montage I'm probably just gonna use their faces or heads the rest...
  9. S

    Jose Redondo - Apocalipsis

  10. K

    Montage creation from seven pictures - no rush - $$?

    I need to have seven pictures of one person put together into one picture (see my poor example as a guide). Each of the images will need perspective correction before being put into the montage and the joins between pictures need to be not obvious. The coat / dress can overlap another picture...