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  1. M

    Paid $30+ Offered for creating custom mosaic pattern and generating swatches

    Hi all, I hope someone is interested in taking this on. Payment will be by PayPal (the only service I'm familiar with) or Interac e-Transfer if you're in Canada. Payment starts at $30 USD and may increase to $50 if the solution given is high-quality, super-slick and accompanied with a short...
  2. L

    Rubik's Cube Mosaic - Complex Request

    Hi there everyone! I am doing Rubik's Cube Mosaics of 720 cubes (24x30 cubes - 72x90px) - You can see one of them here on my channel: I am asking you if you could teach me how can I make the quality of my portraits. I am using an online mosaic creator for my mosaics with little effects like...
  3. M

    geometrical colors

    Hey guys, I'm trying to achieve the effect below but not sure how. I only found one way of doing it using Boken to turn that into a mosaic. Any other ideas?
  4. W

    Solid colour Mosaic/ Pixelate help

    Hi, I hope you can help me. I'm having trouble with my Mosaic/ Pixelate tool. I might be using the wrong filter. I basically create little 16-bit animations for social media (example) and I constantly use the Mosaic tool to give images that '16-bit' arcade style. I don't quite no how to explain...
  5. D

    creating Confetti mosaic effect of image

    Hey everyone, Can someone please help with achieving this effect as shown in the image? I want to take a jpeg image and create a confetti like mosaic effect so that the image is still distingushable. many thanks!
  6. S

    Advice to Make Poster More "Vibrant"

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, new to the forum, please move/delete as appropriate. I'm very new to Photoshop having dabbled in it for a few years but nothing by any means beyond absolute novice. I was asked to create a poster for a boxing team, just a logo with their old photos and logo...
  7. N

    Photo Mosaics without software

    So I am a self taught photoshopper and I had a friend ask me to do cover art for his next album. He's just a small time local artist and had the pretty generic idea of a photo mosaic of his face made up of other pictures, but I don't believe in doing poor quality work. I'm a little lost on how...
  8. F

    Lines can't connect with each other to make a rapport

    Hi, At first I would like to introduce myself, my name is Foton, I have a photography studio, then work a lot with photoshop, but sometimes I find a stone on my way like that: I need to connect a rapport with others(print on fabric for textile industry). It looks like a mosaic, however the...