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Paid $30+ Offered for creating custom mosaic pattern and generating swatches


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Hi all,

I hope someone is interested in taking this on. Payment will be by PayPal (the only service I'm familiar with) or Interac e-Transfer if you're in Canada. Payment starts at $30 USD and may increase to $50 if the solution given is high-quality, super-slick and accompanied with a short video I can refer back to later.

Deadline: 1 week once we agree to work together.

I'm trying to build a piece of real-world physical artwork which has a large number (5000+) of wooden dowels sticking out of a picture frame on the wall. The dowels will each be painted one of a selection of colours so that they form a pattern when viewed from a distance. I need to come up with a photoshop file that shows all the dowels with their respective colour so that I can do a "paint by numbers" job on the actual dowels. See attached for an example. This example only has around 7-9 colours in total if you can believe it! lh99a9f3o6cd5fg403w3.jpg

I'm looking for help with the following:
1. Taking a PNG file from Sketchup consisting of a grey background and several thousand small white circles which are arranged into concentric circles and importing into Photoshop (done - even I can manage this I have the PNG file I can supply).
2. Using the color range tool in Photoshop to select just the small white circles and creating a layer mask from them (done - as above - not too difficult, even for me - feel free to use your own method if it's better than mine).
3. Needed: Generating a selection of (say 10-15) good looking two-color gradients which use pleasing combinations of colors (simple task but some artistic ability in choosing complementary colors needed here)
4. Using the mask from number 2 to show the gradient across the circles (I've done this by simply drawing the gradient on a new layer then applying the layer mask from number 2 above)

Step 4 above means that each of the thousands of small circles contains many colours because each small circle actually shows its own gradient - being part of the larger gradient...
5. Needed: Make each individual circle's contents a single, solid colour, rather than a slight gradient. (no idea how to do this - hence signing up here. If the circles were arranged with a consistent spacing between them, a custom pattern fill and a filter-pixellate-mosaic might have worked).
6. Needed: Reduce the number of colours to 10 or less.
7. Needed: Add more tones/colours that work within the gradient to add texture. The attached example goes from black at the bottom through light purple in the middle, to pink at the top, but it uses a mid-grey and white to add that texture.

Minimum ($30): Photoshop file containing layers showing the selection of gradients created in step 3. Plus the simplified representations of these gradients with fewer colours, etc per the list above. Swatches for each gradient's colour palette.
Better ($10): As above plus a step by step repeatable list of instructions that I can use in the future to create more of these myself.
Ideal ($10): An action that can do the above. A video showing the process, etc.

Excited to see if someone is enthusiastic to take this on for a challenge! Please let me know any questions you might have!
Hi I am interested in this challenge

Great! Pleased to meet you!
Does the brief make sense? Do you have any questions? Are there any parts of it that you don’t think you’ll be able to fulfil? Did the example I uploaded show what I’m looking for? - I’m assuming everyone saw that:

a. Despite having around 5000+ circles and a really nice gradient across the whole piece, there are only around 8-10 different colours/tones in the whole thing and each dowel is a solid colour. It’s essential to me that my designs/palettes don’t require me to mix more than 8-10 paint shades or it becomes too hard to track which dowels need which colour.

b. The “noise” created by the white, grey and other coloured dowels really adds depth to the gradient - that’s also essential to me. I posted on here because I really have no idea how to get Photoshop to suggest those “different but similar” tones that work so well, and have no idea how to fill each of the 5000+ circles with a solid colour, given that the circles are not in a repeating x,y grid.

I’m new here so am a little unsure what happens next - from other posts I’ve seen it looks like folks can just “have a go” and present a watermarked version of their work for review/comment/revision. Is that what you intend to do?

I can provide a Dropbox link in the morning to the PNG from Sketchup that you could use as the source file for the mask (or whatever you’d be doing to create the output). Helpful?

I should have mentioned that I prefer pastels most, followed by bright, bold colours (but not just CMYK or RGB primaries) and I like greyscales too: I don’t particularly like drab colours, camo, mustards, beiges, maroons, navy, etc. If it’s helpful, you may want to upload photos of quick google images pictures (of any object at all) just to get my quick opinion on a palette before spending time on it if you wish.

And PS - I’m sure it was obvious but I’m not just looking for someone to stick a Hue/Sat adjustment layer on the file I uploaded and spit out 10 different values. I’m not wanting all the black circles in the example to be black in all your examples or all the whites to be white and greys to be grey.

I’m looking for palettes/colourways that I like and a few different ways to gradient them. For example, a few of your (anyone who’s interested) suggestions might be radial gradients or “zoom gradients” or whatever your creative minds come up with.

Who knows; if it’s allowed by psgurus, maybe one person will come up with the mechanism for putting solid colour fills on each of the circles and someone else will come up with a few amazing colourways/palettes and gradient designs. I’d pay $10 for each cool gradient I end up using.

Note that it’s vital I’m able to create the “map” of which colour goes on which dowels and that each of the dowels is a solid colour.

Hey, in a perfect world there would be some way to quickly inventory how many dowels of each colour are needed so that I know how many to paint each colour. Perhaps the total pixels of a given Hex colour divided by the number of pixels in a dowel = number of dowels? But I don’t know if that’s a possibility.