1. L

    Restoration Lighten photo and remove spots

    I would like for it to be lightened up so its easier to see my mom and the little spots to be removed. Thank you for any time you invest to this for me!!
  2. A

    Really grateful for image restoration and colourisation. Sentimental

    Hi I'm new here and have been trying for hours to do this job myself but have absolutely no photoshop skills. The image is of my mother in laws mother, and is the only phot she has left, I wanted to get it restored and colourised for her birthday but have had no luck. Any help will be hugely...
  3. X

    Please help me fix a photo of my Fiance's mother

    Wondering if I could get some help fixing this photo. As i mentioned, it's of my Fiance's mother who passed away when she was 11 and it's one of the few pictures she has of her. She's been looking at this version for 20 years, so I think it would be nice for her (and her aunt) to see it without...
  4. T

    Aloha! Looking for an edit to memorialize my recently deceased mother

    Hello! :-D Could someone please make this a solo portrait w the bar in the background? Can you Whiten her teeth a bit and remove the diamond ring on the ring finger. THaNK YoU!
  5. P

    Can some one edit out the guy so that she is standing there alone?

    Hello, i was wondering if some one could help me out. my best friend recently passed away in a car accident. and i really like this picture of her with the background and that dress. and me and her mother really pitty the fact that we don't have a picture of her standing alone. so i hope u guys...
  6. M

    Picture of my passed away mother

    Hello my Photoshop Gurus, Well the title sounds kind off sad but let me introduce and explain myself (Sorry for the bad english!) My name is Marco Bolhuis and i am 25 years old and from the Netherlands. My mother passed away at the age of 41, 20 years ago i was 5 years old at the time. Now 20...