1. P

    Hello everyone!

    Hi guys! OK, this is my second post, should have been the first, I know, but in a desperation and late at night I made another one first, the next one to be precise: Request Mad Max style It's already solved, so I'm happy for it and now I can take a little of my time to introduce myself. My...
  2. insinuendo

    I Sent Up a Notorious Place I Used to Live Near

    I used to live near a rough part of town called "Hampden Park". I thought it deserved this. The picture of the people on the bench is a real picture from that area.
  3. insinuendo

    Mario Goodfellas Parody

    I think I should of made De Niro's neck more flush with Luigi's skin in hindsight.
  4. A

    Your favorite movies this year

    Hi friends kindly share your favorite Hollywood movies in 2012. In 2011 my favorite movie was tintin.
  5. A

    Movies, What's your favorite movie character...?

    Mine is "Massoud Amir Behrani" from "House of Sand and Fog" Played by "Ben Kingsley" You?