1. CarlaC

    Specific Please could a guru photoshop my mum who’s passed away please.

    My mum sadly lost her battle to cancer a year today. I’m reflecting and missing her dearly and would love it for someone to photoshop my mum in the photos to appear in a ghost effect, I have added a photo of myself next to a Cadillac and wondered if it’s possibly to be able to sit her next to me...
  2. L

    Please please help me out

    Hi all, i recently had had my newborn and older son photographed, however as my newborn arrived late the products I have ordered won't be here in time for Christmas so I was hoping someone could please help make my pathetic attempt look passable in order for me to make an iou gift for my mum...
  3. F

    Ten years after

    Deleted, Shocked by the non response on something so personal that meant such a lot to me.