1. A

    ARC MUSIC'S Latest Cover designs

    These are my latest designs for our latest release out 26th June 2012 via ARC Music. Please feel free to leave any comments on the designs and styles :)
  2. Klarth


    I made it a while ago. Thoughts?
  3. A

    Welcome from Sarah Ash, Graphic Designer at ARC Music Productions

    Hi there, I am the graphic designer at ARC Music, the label for top world and folk music. My position here involves me designing the CD covers, the information booklets, creating videos for our latest releases and producing general graphics needed for ARC Music. I have joined this site as...
  4. Paul


    I tried to create a modern mood using traditional instrument and setting:)
  5. P

    Great Music and Great Paintings together

    Here I made this video: it's some kind of tribute to these two great artist. One of my most favorite composers Erik Satie and one of my most favorite painters J.A.Grimshaw.
  6. Z

    what's your favorite Genre of music?

    no bashing! mine is usually contemporary orchestral and trailer music (Hans Zimmer, Groove addicts, TSFH stuff like that,) along with meaning music, like Amy Macdonald and KT tunstall. as well as melodic rock like nightwish and indica. for a taster of what i mean. never really been into...