1. Pipsmom

    Composite Fantasy Manipulation Play

    ChrisDesign inspired me yesterday with a master piece he did in Blender..... so that set me off to try and do something Arty in Photoshop. Not as good as his...and still not satisfied with reflections but it was good practice......But boy did I have fun experimenting with blending I encourage...
  2. T

    Lighten to specific K value?

    Hi All, I have a b&w image that I need to lighten uniformly so that the darkest parts of the images are 65%K. Is there a precise way of doing this instead of using brightness sliders or curves? Apologies if this should be in the newbies forum -- wasn't sure where to put it, so opted for...
  3. axxo

    Creating an Alien Team

    Hello everyone! i've made this art a while ago and my hope is to get some hints of what i could have done better..., this was done in PS5, and Sculptris both gurus and newbies alike - all comments are welcome, there is still much to learn from everyone!
  4. A

    How to change image color while making .gif

    Hi, I have a question regarding creating .gifs. I took a short video of myself in iMovie, exported it as a .mov file, and imported video frames to layers into photoshop. What I'd now like to do is make it so that every 10 frames or so are tinted a certain color (Say the first 10 are red, the...
  5. webwize

    Hi Guru's , Newbies and everyone in between....

    Hey Everyone, Came across this forum a few days ago and have put up some posts already but thought I should take a moment to officially say hi - so here goes... HI I should also take a moment to thank Hoogleman who replied to my first post and was really helpful. Look forward to...
  6. M

    Which is the best Book / Manual for begginners - Adobe CS4?

    Firstly a big thankyou to everyone who shares their knowledge and expertise - your help and guidance is invaluable to newbies like me! I'm just getting started with CS4 and am interested in purchasing a manual / "How to" book suitable for someone with no experience of CS4 and would welcome...
  7. C

    The Novice - Professional

    Hi all, am cletronx from Nigeria. I am a novice, but with your help, i'll be a professional