1. B

    ''Decoding'' EXTREMLY badly visible number

    Hello, I am new here. Didn't have much luck on freelancer dot com website so i decided to try it on your forum. On the following page is my case: The image consist of two parts - upper and lower. Both parts are actually exactly the same, just...
  2. MrToM


    We've all used it, and we all know what it does but when setting the Tolerance for certain tools what exactly is that a Tolerance of? Being a single integer number from 0-255 is it the average of something? This I doubt as the 'average' could be obtained in more than one way. Anything I think...
  3. S

    Hello! :)

    Hi, My name is Ste, I have been using Photoshop on and off for a number of years. I am 8 weeks into a 10 week Photoshop evening course, which has taught me lots of things I didn't know, especially about photo manipulation. Most things I try to create in Photoshop are for social media as I own...
  4. S

    better way to do this?

    Hi need to just simply state that am far from a photoshop guru. have recently tried geocaching and quickly stumbled upon this image. What started off as a simply hobby has turned into a photoshop challenge for me. Simply put, in the image is a hidden number. Have tried getting it as clear as...
  5. nachofrades

    Text issue

    Hi folks! I don't use much text tool, but it's for curiosity. When I type some word with text tool, all works fine, but when I tyoe a number or a dot in example, it puts in the beginning of the text... TAL (Thanks a lot) :mrgreen:
  6. A

    New to AS3 and struggling with converting text to number

    Hello! I am creating a simple form which asks the client a yes or no question. I created a input text box for a Y or N response. Based on the users response the form performs a calculation. If the answer is Y the form plugs in a 1; if the answer is N the form plugs in a 0. I can't seem...
  7. R

    Nebula Number 3

    Used the dif clouds to render three colours and then blended and delet parts of them and then overlayed it onto a star field I created. Done a bit of research on colours so I could get more realistic colours schemes, I also learn about red and blueshift and how this affects the nebula's colours...
  8. L

    Help, my serial number was hijacked, and technical support won't help me!

    My CS2 is malfunctioning. I used neon glow last night and it worked fine, but now when I try to use it I can't change the color