1. MrToM


    We've all used it, and we all know what it does but when setting the Tolerance for certain tools what exactly is that a Tolerance of? Being a single integer number from 0-255 is it the average of something? This I doubt as the 'average' could be obtained in more than one way. Anything I think...
  2. S

    Hello! :)

    Hi, My name is Ste, I have been using Photoshop on and off for a number of years. I am 8 weeks into a 10 week Photoshop evening course, which has taught me lots of things I didn't know, especially about photo manipulation. Most things I try to create in Photoshop are for social media as I own...
  3. S

    better way to do this?

    Hi need to just simply state that am far from a photoshop guru. have recently tried geocaching and quickly stumbled upon this image. What started off as a simply hobby has turned into a photoshop challenge for me. Simply put, in the image is a hidden number. Have tried getting it as clear as...
  4. nachofrades

    Text issue

    Hi folks! I don't use much text tool, but it's for curiosity. When I type some word with text tool, all works fine, but when I tyoe a number or a dot in example, it puts in the beginning of the text... TAL (Thanks a lot) :mrgreen:
  5. A

    New to AS3 and struggling with converting text to number

    Hello! I am creating a simple form which asks the client a yes or no question. I created a input text box for a Y or N response. Based on the users response the form performs a calculation. If the answer is Y the form plugs in a 1; if the answer is N the form plugs in a 0. I can't seem...
  6. R

    Nebula Number 3

    Used the dif clouds to render three colours and then blended and delet parts of them and then overlayed it onto a star field I created. Done a bit of research on colours so I could get more realistic colours schemes, I also learn about red and blueshift and how this affects the nebula's colours...
  7. L

    Help, my serial number was hijacked, and technical support won't help me!

    My CS2 is malfunctioning. I used neon glow last night and it worked fine, but now when I try to use it I can't change the color