1. PegoMan

    Opaque custom brush tool

    I'm having a problem making a brush preset tool. I want to have a push-pin tool that I can use as a brush for placing wherever I need it. I can make the tool, but it always goes into a photo in a transparent state. I would like to do it in an opaque mode so as to cover the background behind...
  2. J

    Illustrator need help with a clear sticker design

    Hi guys This is the first time I am going to design a clear sticker with transparent background. It is supposed to be pasted on bottles as labels. So only the logo and contents name should be visible on the bottle. I have opaque, semi transparent and fully transparent elements in the design...
  3. mikecox

    Patch isn't opaque

    I can't seem to get an opaque patch. Whatever area I outline with the Patch took the resulting patch is not opaque, it's murky, or muddy usually around the edges. Sometimes, when I select a "Destinations" and drag it, to cover an area I want to patch a light patch turns darker when I place...
  4. O

    Creating Opaque Figures.

    Hi folks. Layer 1: I draw a smiley face. One circle for the head, two eyes, one mouth in a smile. Layer 2: A pure red background. If I put Layer 1 on top of Layer 2, the pure red background will show through. I want that smiley face to be opaque, white preferably, so I don't see the red in...