1. arc.angle_radius

    Light outline around body silhouette effect (refer to sample)

    I want to emulate this album art for the latest song entitled "Who's in Your Head", performed by the Jonas Brothers but I hit a snag... I would like to know how to achieve the effect digitally where there is a reddish/pinkish light outline around my body silhouette to mimic 99% precisely the one...
  2. R

    Specific Recreate this Text

    I need a higher resolution of this exact wording. What i have now is to small to expand then becomes very pixelated. The font is Dandeleon Vintage Demo. Exactly as shown here with the thick boarder as shown. Something in the layers went bad. I think. I do need stroke effect. Thick boarder as...
  3. L

    Specific Can anyone outline an image?

    I would like this done for me, thanks! I'd like the hands to have a white stroke, that knocks out the text. Disregard the text at the top, that was me trying different things to get it to work. The bottom one has the text outlined. Theres approx 31 layers because I tried to do some stuff...
  4. E

    Specific Black outline of street map from this cutout

    Hi Hopefully someone can help me. I am looking to get a rubber stamp made of a black outline of a city street map. I saw this white cutout but basical need it to convert the white line to black with no background and a slight black line frame put around it (about the thickness of the smaller...
  5. M

    Outlining Text

    Hi! I am trying to create a decal for my motorcycle using the Beyond font from dafont.com. I have the foreground numbers (00), but I need to make the background now which should be a solid outline of the zeros. I don't know how to trace the object, let alone scale it to be slightly larger, and...
  6. G

    Anyone has any idea how I can draw a tempered glass outline similar to this picture

    Hi I have a problem.. My business requires that we create outlines for new tempered glass that comes into the market but the shape may differ slightly for each and every model. Does anyone have any idea how to draw a good outline of the tempered glass similar to this photo...
  7. S

    Outline with transparent background from photo

    Hi been trying to work out how i can do this with no luck....I have a photo of a dogs head - i want to end up with an outline of this on a transparent background - i have been selecting the head using quick selection tool and then going to blending mode and stroke so i get the outer line ok but...
  8. B

    easy colour removal from "painted" images

    A good friend of mine who is a self-published author has had some pictures created for one of his children's books, however the artist has painted the images with colour, and is now asking a fortune to provide blank (outline copies). I have been approached to remove the colour and provide...
  9. B

    Fantasy football helmet

    Hi, I was searching for a website that automatically creates football helmets for our fantasy football league and I found a post from your blog. I am not a graphics artist so I would like to ask if anyone has a few minutes to combine my logo with an outline of a helmet. If any of you could take...
  10. F


    Help editing logo! Please change the red to light teal color. The gray outline to white. Remove the Jacksonville text and change the outline of the SHARKS text from gray color to light teal and the black text to white. Your help is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  11. A

    I want to outline black border

    Hello, I want to outline my Rendered UVW Template, basically it's low poly object so I can't make outlines to the actual geometry, I will have to create many unwanted polygons for just for the outline. I have tried many of the photoshop's tools but nothing worked out for me. Those lines are...
  12. D

    text how to match a black outline

    hi PSG i am trying to work out how to try match up the outline of the text "Free Quotation" up to "Handyman" many thanks guys.
  13. W

    Annotating images in Photoshop then return them to Lightroom

    I shoot a lot of IR landscape imagery. In a few recent images, I had some sort of artefact appear in the image. I want to take the image from Lightroom into Photoshop, outline the artefact and maybe add a bit of text or some "arrow" features and then return it to Lightroom when I will Export...
  14. D

    Pen tool - too much selection

    When I select object outline with pen tool then click make selection, it selects other pixels on it's own. Please see bottom left. I only outline the outside of the logo and selection makes the rest?? IamSam I tried to send pic via pm but it will only let me attach image via url and not paste...
  15. B

    Text outline

    Hello I have the following image to illustrate a party held at an English country pub called The Sparrowhawk: I need to include the date, and so now I have this: The text is pixellated - as I expected - but as I do not have access to a vector programme, I probably have to make do with...
  16. D

    (Request) Cleanly removing/replacing parts of an image

    http://s14.postimg.org/ajh7jz727/pause_overlay.png I tried doing this on my own, but I am fairly inexperienced with photo editing (I use GIMP) and the edges of my edit turned out really sharp/jaggedy and just plain ugly. What I want to do is, I would like to remove the entire purple/pink...
  17. M

    brush outline trouble

    I'm using CS5 in Win 7 Pro 64 bit and I'm having trouble with the outlines of brushes changing color. Some of the time the outline is a bright white, which is what I want, but it frequently changes to a light gray which I have great difficulty seeing. This is a rapid change as the position of...
  18. E

    Redesign image of Australian map

    Hi everyone, I have a small task that I need some help with. Basically, I want to redesign a picture of a map (Australia) by removing the blue background and add a green (lime green) outline border around the map. - Remove light blue background - Add lime green outline border I have attached...
  19. M

    Two Questions

    Hi, I need help with two things. 1. I want to draw a circle using the shape tool. I want it to ONLY have the stroked outline, no fill. When I do this I get only a 1 pixel circle outline. Is there a way to make the outline 5 or 6 pixels wide? If so, how? 2. I am looking for script fonts that...
  20. T

    Is this an effect you can do in Photoshop or Illustrator?

    Hello all, Photoshop newbie here! I'm wondering if the effect in the attached photo is something that can be done in photoshop. I have an inkling it's something better suited for Illustrator, but eh. How do you get the orange outline to go around the dropshadow. Is the black space between...