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  1. R

    Creative Dogs head on mans body

    Can someone please help me put my friends dogs head onto this mans body and make it look like part of the painting? Choose from any of the dogs heads in photos. Thank you!
  2. Jessicayla

    Digital Paintings and Traditional Drawings (LOTS of images!)

    It has been SO long since I've been on this board, but I figured I would post some stuff I've worked on. I've been working on my drawing skills and trying to improve my digital paintings, so here are some of the pieces I've done this year. ____________________________...
  3. agentmoeller

    Learning to paint in PS

    First attempt at painting a caricature in Ps. I am, ironically, spoiled by Procreate's UI and am trying to learn how to do similar caricature paintings in Photoshop.
  4. inkpad.t

    Matte painting

    Not posted any paintings for a while... so did a matte painting.
  5. C

    Need help editing photographs of paintings

    I have a series of photo's of artworks which were taken whilst hanging on a wall, I need to remove the shadow from the one side and edit out any blemishes such as pencil marks which are on the wall in the background, basically so it looks as if they're hanging on a plain white wall. They can't...
  6. P

    Great Music and Great Paintings together

    Here I made this video: it's some kind of tribute to these two great artist. One of my most favorite composers Erik Satie and one of my most favorite painters J.A.Grimshaw.