1. TristanDuncan

    Design a bulleted list in Photoshop - using one text layer

    Hi everyone! This quick video shows you how to create a bulleted list on one text layer using the paragraph panel. Pretty simple but super handy!
  2. gautamz07

    My paragraph pallet disappeared :(

    hey guys nothing much to do today :D boring day lol , so was just using PS and my paragraph pallet disappeared :( , any idea , how i can get it back ? :)
  3. R

    The find/replace feature

    Hello, Using Photoshop's find/replace tool I am trying to do this: 1. Find the word "Moon". 2. Replace it with: "The Moon is full tonight. How beautiful!" The find/replace tool only replaces with the first line, "The Moon is full tonight." It compleatly ignores what is after the...
  4. S

    How to curve text within a paragraph text block that is a predefined shape.

    Does anyone know how to curve text within a shape, as paragraph text, not artistic text? (See my attached image.) I have drawn the shape, inserted the text as paragraph text, but the text always wants to sit in a straight line. I am so frustrated as I can't seem to find a workaround in either...
  5. H

    Illustrator Simple Paragraph Text Bend

    Hi all... Firstly, sorry to join and ask a question as a newbie straight off. But I'm behind schedule on a project and stuck on what I think should be a simple task, I've been unable to find any info on the net. I want to slightly bend a paragraph of text, not a curve but a sharp cornered bend...