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  1. A

    Resizng of artwork

    Hi I am posting this again as I forgot to attach the artwork before Same details needs to be PDF all text converted to outlines any bitmap images saved 100% size at 130dpi embed all images and elements bleed each side 1 mm I do have all the parts separate and also in photoshop format...
  2. B

    Need help!

    Hi guys, I am having an annoying issue, when I opened my PS file these black artifacts came on the screen, I never created them. Any advice? I can can redo parts of the image but I have to finish them for tomorrow so its a pain. The second image was the white background layer, those black...
  3. R

    How can I do this effect? total newb question

    Hello, i need a simple request. I am trying to imitate the effect done on the attached picture. The brown rectangle has parts of it missing randomly. As do the words 'shop'. This effect seems rather random since it isn't consistent all around and is more prominent or patchy in certain areas...
  4. C

    New to photoshop, After some guidance and hopefully a solution to a crisis lol.

    Hello people! New to photoshop and after some advice and a clear solution to a issue I am having. Here it is I am trying to get a specific look to my images I am trying to achieve a background blur and in some cases blur out specific parts also, I have learned the basics of this via youtube but...
  5. T

    images resizing

    I am new on this site, I just really need a few images resizing to 1080 by 1080 or less!
  6. awaixjvd

    Help me making this photo.

    Hi I need kind assistance with creating such thing as show in sample picture attached. I am going to explain the thing i want to make, in a bit more detail: 1. I want to create frames of different sizes and shapes and then the parts of image within those frames be shown only and rest is going...
  7. P

    Make part of image transparent

    Garment photo has a couple of places that are see through and white due to white sheet. I know how to cut out the background and make it transparent but the see through parts of garment won't show transparent. Is there a way to make this see through parts transparent as well.
  8. Z

    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    Okay, so I have these two pictures that go into an album cover, front and back (along with the two sides of the case), and I only get one shot at printing both of the images (library printer). Here are the two photos: Right. So I imagine since the second image has both sides of the CD as...
  9. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Sewing Machine Vehicle

    A Photoshop composite done with my own images of old sewing machines, and a few parts found with google. I'm open for your critique and suggestions.
  10. chrisdesign

    3D Concept Fighter Plane

    This is a work in progress with Photoshop 3D In this first stage I designed the parts and built them into a fighter plane. No special lights, no materials.
  11. K

    Transparency/visibility question...

    Ok, so.. Here is what I am wondering. I want to create an animation of sorts. This means creating individual smaller frames, then patching them into a larger image. Not sure how many frames yet though. But, the main problem is making them. I plan to have it like this: Top Layer - Runes Second...
  12. P

    are cropped image can be retrieved in photoshop?

    hello, when I cut a part from an image by right click and clicking "Layer Via cut" and now, other parts are destroyed, then after from that, I save it with "png24" or "jpeg". now my question is, when I want to open Image stored by clicking "File" and then by "Open" in photoshop, so I can see...
  13. R

    Is it possible to divide shapes? If yes, how?

    Hello, Is it possible to divide shape into two or three parts? Because sometimes i create outer borders for window and then i need to expand shape vertically, so i want to divide shape into 3 parts and stretch only one part. Here's example, i want to divide this shape into two: Please post...
  14. O

    Revealing part of an underneath layer

    Hello again, I'm editing an image and I've spent lots of time refining the details. I had to grab the image from a background and it did not leave so easily, at least for me, but I've gotten passed that. I'm now doing some finishing touches. There's some small parts of the image that lost...
  15. Paul

    Snowed in yet?

    Hope my American Photoshoppers are ok at the minute, some parts have a lot of snow over them stay safe guys:mrgreen:
  16. S

    Hello from Montreal!

    Hello Lads!! I am a software developer who dabbles in photoshop, but very little. I just know where most of the tools are, but don't know how to do anything without except crop, resize, transform parts of na image (with Cmd + T) Hope I can learn something with you guys and in the future might...
  17. Dana Alley

    New to these Parts!

    Hello! I have all things Photoshop! I love paper crafting, painting, crocheting, graphic design, and learning. I'm glad I found this forum! I joined one a week ago and it...well...kinda sucks. Members here seem fun and knowledgeable. Excited to learn! I have a crafting/design blog. its...