1. D


    I subscribe to creative cloud but infortunately CC doesnt offer the facility to save as dds. Does anyone know of a free legal CS2 download as I cant bring myself to pay twice. Thanks
  2. D

    Please can any one restore this image

    Hi my name is Debbie, and i have been directed to this forum by other forum members in the hope that someone can help me. my mam passed away recently of cancer and my problem is my dad cant bring himself to look at recent photos of her as understandably she did not look herself. he would love...
  3. S

    i need the perfect design for the perfect girl

    i need the perfect tattoo for the perfect girl, i have uploaded the photo. i want the word changed to "Georgia" instead of Forever. I want a little "1st" on the top left corner of the ribbon. I need a tag hanging off the back of the arrow saying "TRUST" i need where the arrow has pierced...
  4. Z

    [PAID] [FAST EASY MONEY] Urgency required. Pay $12.75-$20

    I need someone to take this photo of my fiance and add in a logo as if it was in the picture. Supposed to look like a printed out sheet of paper. Maybe on the floor in the mirror or maybe tacked to the wall next to the mirror. Honestly whatever you can make look real. She is competing in a...
  5. N

    Hi guys I'm NicSui (new member)

    Hi guys, I'm NicSui. Questions: 1. How can I request a high quality makeover of a picture (specific)? 2. Is it for free or how much do I need to pay? To be honest I don't use Photoshop, but I'm always amazed by some Gurus in this culture. I wish you all a good weekend. NicSui
  6. A

    Looking to transform photo into art

    I have a photo of a dog, I am looking to get it changed into pop art. Something similiar to a Dean Russo style art. If you google it you can see what it looks like, Will hire and pay someone who can do it
  7. J

    [REQUEST] $50 to manipulate some images

    Hello, I am looking for an experienced designer to perform some image manipulation tasks that involve cropping, retouching, isolating, distorting and composing images. I will pay you 50 dollars for the job. PM me if you are interested so we can discuss work and payment. Thanks.
  8. B

    Need 'Epic' Images (backgrounds / wallpaper) that includes musical instruments

    Hi! I'm a new member here looking for some help with my business. Specifically, I am in need of some 'epic-style' wallpapers/backgrounds with musical instruments added in/featured. *Please see the image below for example* I am willing to pay for your work and would also appreciate any...
  9. S

    Seeking Photoshop Commissioned Editing.

    Hi all! I have a request, I'd like to have some signage and text added to some images. If you are a photoshop pro, please contact me. I can pay for your time and I use Paypal. Thank you guys!!!
  10. V

    Paying for logo creation

    I have recently created a business and need a logo design, I will pay someone for their services, thank you :)
  11. D

    Need help editing a PrtSc ($10)

    I need someone to edit a PrintScreen for me. You would only have edit around 6 simple elements. Will pay 10 USD :lol:. For more info please message me or post here. You will have to change some numbers in the image, and copy and paste certain elements. Price is negotiable. Thank You!
  12. C

    Need flawless results, pay well

    I need to have 4 short lines of text edited on a scanned document. The paper has graphic design patterns under the text, and they should be sustained. 4 words/short lines should be each replaced by a single word, so it shouldn't take too long. The result needs to be flawless, I will pay 100$.
  13. A

    *will pay* adding MBA graduation robe to image.

    Willing to pay 50/image via pay pal to find and add a graduation robe,hat and hood to 2 images. May be difficult job so willing to negotiate price. I can email images on request. Need it done as soon as possible please.
  14. L

    Need 2 IMAGEs photo shopped by Saturday. Will pay.

    I have two images that I would like photo shopped. I would like blemishes removed (skin even colored), colors to pop, and an overall creative look (maybe a softer or slightly aged feel). Will pay $15 via paypal. Would love someone with an artistic eye! I have attached the photos I need...
  15. J

    IMMEDIATE Edit Photo job needed!!! will pay $20

    I am throwing a little get together with my friends to ask each one to be part of my grooms men party. This friend in particular is a serious fellow and I would like to lighten him up with a joke :naughty: What I need is for someone to edit any of the photos below and have him in makeup and...
  16. H

    [WILL PAY$$$] Help editing a picture

    I need someone who can edit a name on a sign professionally. So it looks like real handwriting. Nothing shitty. I will pay a good sum after the picture is edited.