photo effects

  1. T

    Photoshop Preset for Warming

    Hi folks ... i was hoping someone could advise me of the best way to achieve a particular look on different photos. I'm aware that every photo is different and a lot of the effect is captured by the camera, but i am hoping there is an approach to achieve what i require. So i have attached one...
  2. Mageeec

    I'm Standing on Tiny Planet!

    Learn from somewhere else and i try to do 1 for myself. :cheesygrin: tutorial link>>> have a nice day!
  3. P

    How do you create this style?

    Hi everyone, I've been trying everything I can think of to create the minimalist / art deco effect of the bridge in the image below but nothing I use seems to get the same result. I've used 'cut out' and other effects in the Filter Gallery on a photo of the same subject but none seem to...
  4. A

    Image Seen From Above Composed of People

    Hi. I want to know if someone could help me figure out how to create similar images which is composed of "people seen from above". I have a lot of images like these on the internet but couldn't figure out exactly how they did it. Is it some sort of photoshop action or something ? I need to dig...
  5. C

    Photo Editing Technique

    Hey All, Thanks in advanced for any help/suggestions. I've been experimenting with different photoshop actions and filters. While working on a project for a client i came across some photos and I wasn't quite sure how they would done. I was wondering if anyone in the forum knew how to...
  6. V

    Which effect filter is this? Help

    Need to know which effect is this? and which software is used? adobe photoshop? Thanks in advance.