1. C

    Specific Can somebody help me with some photo manipulation?

    I am the girl in blue with the blonde hair, can somebody please remove the lady in the black hair and if possible , move me and my friend ( brunette in blue ) a little forward towards the guy's shoulder so there's no gap between our faces ? Would really appreciate it :*
  2. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] No Chance.

    Nothing too fancy, this was for a challenge for PSDBOX.
  3. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Roswell 2.0.

  4. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] The Attic.

  5. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] No Signal.

  6. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Asylum.

  7. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Under Attack.

    Full Size:
  8. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Man Vs Nature.

    Full Size:
  9. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] Face No More.

  10. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation[ The Mist.

    [Photomanipulation] The Mist.
  11. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] The last look.

    This was for the contest, but couldn't get it on time lol.
  12. ZeroCool22

    [Photomanipulation] The Last Stand.

  13. K

    Eowyn The Brave [Photomanipulation] - #kzOFFBEAT

    My Entry for the Short Challenge #35 over at The-Imaginarium group on DeviantArt. Stock credits: Eowyn by Miss-REdreaming Right cliff by Aleks Dahlberg Front grass & left mountains by Elias Ehmann Water by Griffin Keller Sky by Atle Mo