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    Aligning Multiple Photos Help

    New to Photoshop Elements and am trying to figure out how I can align several photos of the same image that were shot without a tripod. Curious if there is something like an alignment pin or something that I can place on a specific series of points on each photo and then the program will align...
  2. K

    How do I rearrange photos?

    I've just scanned many hundreds of photos into several files, but I see no rhyme or reason to the order in which Photoshop displays them. Is there some way for me to rearrange the order of the photos in the Organizer space, without first assembling a slide show?
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    edting photos

    I have started learning about editing photos , I want to edit photos for printing only. Therefore I need to know about resizing , howerver, I have spent weeks , reading and watching videos about this , and they all speak the same editing language without being specifically about what is needed...
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    Can't import photos from hard drive to Elements 5

    This is a problem that has gotten progressively worse recently. :sad: I can still download photos from my camera to the hard drive using Elements 5, but I can no longer import more than about 5 photos at a time from the hard drive to the Organizer. My computer is a Dell 8300 purchased in 2004...