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photoshop cc

  1. deepshah095

    Watercolor Painting Effect

    Learn how to create this Watercolor painting effect in Photoshop :) Youtube tutorial link :-
  2. Y

    Photoshop CC Brush Help

    I really need some serious help. Whenever I use the brush tool in Photoshop CC I have to physically click a part of the picture to make the brush stroke stop. If I don't and I move my pen even slightly the stroke goes all over the screen. I have a Huion screen tablet (where you draw directly on...
  3. M

    Convert selection into bezier vector curve

    Hello all, I have a texture with a line on it as shown below, and I want to select the line using the magic wand tool and convert said selected line into a bezier vector curve in order to import it as an .svg file into Blender. Is there a way to do that in Photoshop CC? Thank you all for...
  4. M

    Color Wheels and PS stutter

    Hello, I just bought Photoshop CC 2015 and I have 2 issues with it. First is more of a question, I've used the color wheel plug-in with previous versions but apparently using them is not as easy now and here's my question is there any free color wheel out there that works with CC and if no...
  5. M

    Where to best install Photoshop CC.

    Hi guys, I have just build a new rig and I am wondering where to put my Photoshop CC for the best performance/workflow. My work for now is pretty much focused on ditgital art and some design with canveses ussually around 3000x2000, and top 6000x6000. I have one 256GB SSD that is my system drive...
  6. B

    Hello Everyone...

    Hi! My name is Benoit Leblanc I'm fairly new with Photoshop... I'm working in the marketing department of a wholesale company... I mainly take pictures of new products, edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop, then make several version of each items the company is selling for the web and making a...
  7. B

    How to convert Actions from Photoshop CS6 to Photoshop CC

    Hi! My name is Benoit Leblanc I'm new with Photoshop... We changed our computer and we also change the version of photoshop from CS6 to CC We have some very complex action in our previous computer using CS6 and when I tried to import these action in the new computer using CC, they simply...
  8. T

    Is it possible to make use of the temporary hand tool (space) w/o global influence?

    Is it possible to make use of the temporary hand tool (space) without the panning being applied globally to all open .psd documents? This question is relevant only for people who want to improve workflow.
  9. A

    Problem with colors in photoshop

    Hello there , I have a problem with opening a certain photo I took. When I open on windows it looks like this : And on photoshop cc and lightroom 5 it looks like this : Some detail on the street is completely lost and the colors are different. I shot this picture in raw format. Does anybody...
  10. D

    Having a problem with Liquify tool in photoshop cc 14.0

    Hello, I have been using photoshop for last 1 year. I have windows7-64bits. I have a problem that, I can not use liquify tool in photoshop cc. Whenever I click on liquify tool, within 2-4 seconds eroor message pops out "Adobe photoshop has stopped working" and then photoshop is closing...
  11. S

    CC still crashes immediately after launching

    Hi, I have this problem. I have bought new Photoshop CC, downloaded from Adobe website and installed but every time I try to launch the software it crashes immediately after its opening, I tried everything to resolve the problem and nothing works. Can some of you help me?
  12. Y

    Strange problems with Photoshop CC

    Hello everyone. A few days ago, all of the fonts on my laptop disappeared for some reason, which made me reinstall them all, except the composite fonts. The thing is, right after that, my Photoshop CC started having this problem. It's hard to describe it, so I'll just post some screenshots here...
  13. W

    HQ Gif Help!

    Hey guys, So I've been making gifs on photoshop CC for a while, but pretty much no matter what I do I can't make them look HQ, even when using HQ videos. Some gifs look like they're straight from the video, whereas mine always seem to have some amount of noise/just don't look good quality (I...
  14. X

    Trouble with Photoshop CC 3D and Lighting Effects errors

    I can not use Lighting Effects and 3D because of these errors keep appear I have 4GB RAM and I already checked 'Use Graphics Processor' box. Photoshop CS6 works fine with the same setting but Photoshop CC doesn't. Video card and RAM didn't cause these errors. I think it's Photoshop CC. I want...