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  1. DeJaynes

    Help! Pixelation due to layer effect

    I'm having problems getting rid of some pixilation that's being caused by the layer effects. If I flatten the image I can use the smudge or blur tool but that would be a pain. Any suggestions?
  2. B

    Red colour pixelation - requires higher quality than normal. Why?

    Hi, I've had for quite some time now a frustrating problem as a web designer - the need to save an image (nav button for example) at a much higher quality when it contains the colour red. Normally I will save a button at a quality of (using 'save for web') of around 45 to a max of 55, but...
  3. D

    Pixelation of shape layers

    Hi Gurus, I'm just getting started with PhotoShop and I've noticed that when I create custom shape layers, the fill is often noticeably pixelated. I know that PhotoShop is generally a raster based tool, but my understanding is that the shape layers are created as vector graphics. I don't...
  4. tommyzDad

    Is this pixelation?

    Well I thought this would be a good second post, after the Introdcution: I'm trying to recreate this effect. I thought it was a combination of one of the Pixelate and Texture filters but I was way off. This one's probably a no-brainer for you Gurus.