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  1. E

    Photoshop request

    Hello all. Im trying to put this picture on a coffee mug. But I only want Ben Wyatt, the man on the left to be on a plain white background. Nothing else. This should be a quick job for anyone that knows what they're doing. Thank you
  2. U

    Crop my friend from background

    Hey guys. Hope you're all doing fine. Have a new request, can you please crop my friend from background and add anything like plain background or anything which makes a good selfi? Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Isolate my Grandma in this photo if possible?

    This photo has my Grandma, who just passed away, and all my kids. Apparently nobody has taken a photo of *just her* lately and they are looking for one for the funeral home according to my Mom. Does anyone have an idea of how to isolate her in this photo? Maybe crop her out, and place on a...
  4. C

    New Logo

    Hey guys I was just wondering if any of you creative minded people could help me out with my logo for my shop. I sell c10 truck parts and build trcuks as a hobby and I've had this round logo for over a year and its just so plain and I really would like some one to spruce it up or even do one on...
  5. 6

    Photoshop Request to Make Picture More "Professional"

    Could someone photoshop either of these images to look more professional? I'd like there to be no headphones visible, a more plain background, and the shirt to be just plain black or white. I have two image options in case the one with the hand is too difficult to photoshop. Thank you so so...
  6. M

    This thing needs help, plain jane...

    Hey All, I'm trying to come up with a logo for my youtube page and as you can see I stink at it. If anyone has a creative mind and is willing to help I'd greatly appreciate your time. Here is what I have so far :banghead:, it's plain jane and not very appealing but I like the basic layout of it...