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This thing needs help, plain jane...


Hey All, I'm trying to come up with a logo for my youtube page and as you can see I stink at it. If anyone has a creative mind and is willing to help I'd greatly appreciate your time. Here is what I have so far :banghead:, it's plain jane and not very appealing but I like the basic layout of it, I usually say "why buy when you can build" instead of "built not bought" but I haven't a clue on how to make that fit. If I knew how to do it I'd probably keep it round and try to give it somewhat of a 3D look....Anyone have any better idears?? As it is I'm not so sure a toddler couldn't do better....Also if it's doable I'd like the main color to be blue...kinda fits... My page is youtube.com/c/bluedoggarage if it helps to see the type of stuff i do. Thanks for your time if you so desire to take a whack at it!
bluedog logo.JPG
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Thanks! I like them! I came up with the name because my dog is an Australian cattle dog, any chance of using a dog that looks like one? Or maybe just a big "B"
Love to help out more mate...

But I won't spend too much time for a freebie, no offence. Maybe someone else will come along and serve you justice.
I think i'm going to toy with making my own if the admins want to close this thread. I purchased PS Elements and came up with this...it's a first attempt but pretty sure I can get to where I'm happy. Thanks for everyone that stopped by and especially to Confestium and Gedstar