1. T

    Hi from italy

    Hi from italy, it's been a while since my last time i "played" with photoshop (played of course, because i'm an not a professional eheh) ... i come here to learn a little and ask infos :)
  2. D

    New one

    What's up guys I made a new piece that i would like to get feedback on. I'm kind of not sure about the right frame, so ill upload 3 different one's so you could tell your opinion on each one I used 2 different backgrounds, mashed and played with them until the result.I also added a few brushes...
  3. J

    Help needed improving picture

    Hi All, I need some help with improving some family pictures. I can do some basic editing but I can't get these done right. Could anyone guide me on how to improve the picture below. I tried the De-haze feature and played with all the filters but no results were satisfactory. Thanks in...
  4. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Female Portrait

    Photoshop 3D work. Created shapes with the pen tool, based on a female portrait. Filled the shapes with 50% Grey. Extruded the layers. Played with 2 different color lights. Leather texture.
  5. Paul

    Jessie the James

    Our smallest family member taking a break on my wife's lap. Original. Rework. Just played with the light and used a brush tool to brush some hair/fur out a little, then did a stylize diffuse pass with edge sharpness added and finally played with the shadows and highlights. :cheesygrin:
  6. Tom Mann

    Anyone recognize the smartphone app to give this waxy, almost cartoon-like effect?

    A friend asked if I knew what cell phone app or web-based editing program was used to give the waxy, crayon-like, almost cartoonish appearance to the attached image. I'm not talking about the shallow DOF, the green from the Hg vapor lights in the ceiling, the general blur, or any of the other...
  7. Eggy

    Dark and Cool

    It is now 37° C outside and way to hot for me so, in the cool breeze of the airco, I played with pictures: To get this: Please, feel free to comment...:pimp:
  8. MikeMc

    I'm in love

    :redface: Yep, she stole my heart with these eyes. This shot (cellphone) captures my buddies daughter..Stella as I cannot believe!! I do not like my results with this image, I tried to de noise that face and just am not happy. I did increase the size in two 10% incements, and played a bit...
  9. D

    Twin suns setting over lake

    Hi, This is a manipulation I made,inspired by Robert Chamber's " King in Yellow. " I was going for a scary, otherworldly effect. Combined 2 pics (lake and sky) then played around with gradient maps for the color. Finally used a brush and blur for the suns. Comments and critiques welcome !
  10. RedneckR0nin

    Something new I played with

    I dunno it was done pretty fast but thought it was cool!
  11. RedneckR0nin

    Just a self portrait I played with

    I am trying to be more spontanous in my creation of such so every once in awhile I just start making something...sometimes I keep it most of the times I just delete them taking knowledge out it anyway! I know the bottom could use work but I just made this a couple nights ago!