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What's up guys
I made a new piece that i would like to get feedback on.
I'm kind of not sure about the right frame, so ill upload 3 different one's so you could tell your opinion on each one
ShpC-final1a.jpgShpC-final2a.jpgShpC-final3a (1).jpg

I used 2 different backgrounds, mashed and played with them until the result.I also added a few brushes there.
The red\orange logo(a perfect circle) was pretty much ready i just played with the colors\lightness and stuff.
I worked on the colors of the shpongle logo too,but i also made a glitch effect on it.

will be happy to hear any tips :)
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I personally prefer the second one cause it gives it a more organic look instead of a picture with an effect. cool images
I also like the effects! Your concept has some ancient greek mythology feeling to it but maybe that's just me. I also prefer either the first or the second one, the last one makes it feel a little too 'normal' if you know what I mean by that.