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  1. Eggy

    The Long Way

    This is made in PS, using Pixelsquid elements (tricycle and teddy bear), the shadow of the tricycle was made in Blender using a basic tricycle just to have a nice shadow using the shadow Catcher in Blender. I saved it as PNG and imported in the composite and then masked away the tricycle and fit...
  2. T

    logo design needed PAYING $50

    Hi all, I need a logo made for my real estate investment company. The logo will be used for our business cards, website, signs, advertisements, etc. so it is very important that we get the right one. We have an idea of what we want and a concept made already, so it should be fairly simple...
  3. A

    Challenge#54: ManToWomanToMan

    Time for the new challenge! Thanks to chrisdesign for his fun challenge. This challenge consist on convert a picture of a man into a woman or vicer versa. I was bored so i made one as and example. Please post one picture with the 'before and after'! Entries must be submitted by Saturday...
  4. inkpad.t

    Warrior Queen

    Not Done anything for a while in Photoshop. But did this . painting and images for the background, made model in 3d software then re painted over it in some areas.
  5. J

    How it's done?

    Hi everyone, I've tried on many ways to get picture on the right side from the left one but couldn't. Can someone explain me how it was made?
  6. M

    Hello Photoshoppers

    hello everybody i have started a few treads already but let me just introduce myself i'm Mitchell , 41 years old and dutch after using ulead photo impact for a year i switched to photoshop in 2002 (i think) i am self taught by internet en you tube my insparation is "life" basicly, months...
  7. Unscripted


    Here is a composition i made, i would be pleased to hear some feedback to let me know how i can improve :cheesygrin: Some images used:
  8. Eggy

    3D Blender - Wooden Army Crate

    Another exercise. Just making the rope was a tiny (:shocked:) bit difficult since it was the first time I made a rope...
  9. Eggy

    Challenge #52: harvest time

    Time for a new challenge, #52, and I am responsible for making you all to use your creative minds and abilities. This was made possible by @fredfish with his great challenge. You all remember spring time, a time of new life. Well, the seeds and little plants have been planted and were growing...
  10. MariaT

    Remove person and change bikini colour

    Hi If possible can the following changes please be made: Girl on Right: Bikini colour changed to pink Rest of picture: remove other girl! Sea made more 'blue' and background brightened up more (less dull than it looks)...
  11. C

    Photoshop painting and tutorials

    Hi everyone! I recently made my first painting of a picture I took - in Photoshop. Afterwards I found out there was a rather simple way to record what I'm doing on my computer to show the process, but I was already finished unfortunately. But I made a YT-video to show the various layers I used...
  12. mike998

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me $15.00

    I need 3 cartoon portrait to be made for me look at the picture to see what I want .
  13. MariaT

    Change bikini colours

    Is it possible for the following changes? :) Girl on Left: bikini changed to lighter blue Skin tone made more tanned Hair dark brown (as other girl) Girl on Right: bikini changed to white upper body made slightly longer (ie.taller) thanks in...
  14. Z

    Smoothing/correcting Edges on Shapes/objects

    Hi there I've made a design but unfortunately the shapes I made have terrible wiggly lines and are a little bit pixelated. I've searched and went through a few fixes but unfortunately I've not found one that works yet. any insight into this would be greatly appreciated!
  15. T

    David Beckham and Astronomy!

    David Beckham loves astronomy so I made a nice manipulation for that. BEFORE: AFTER: What do you think about it?
  16. A

    Creating surface from image? (3d photoshop?)

    Hi guys, really appreciated the help yesterday, has some good results. now i'm wanting to create an extrusion, but apply an image to it... Can this be done in 3d? or does it have to be made in 3d, flattened and applied as an overlay afterwards? Kind Regards. Andy
  17. J

    YouTube stuff

    Just made this for my YouTube account.
  18. D

    New one

    What's up guys I made a new piece that i would like to get feedback on. I'm kind of not sure about the right frame, so ill upload 3 different one's so you could tell your opinion on each one I used 2 different backgrounds, mashed and played with them until the result.I also added a few brushes...
  19. S

    Photo of my 2 year old daughter

    Please help me. My wife took an amazing shot of my daughter with a crappy background. I would like to get a canvas photo made of this picture, but the background is blah. I tried and failed.Please help.
  20. S

    Picanto conversions

    Hi, made these today. The reason I made these is because a female friend bought this car and her friend asked me to photoshop tune it :) The Lambo version was just for fun since the guy always talk about Lambo's and Ferrari's and stuff.