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  1. D

    Need photoshop of my 1 year old daughter.....very thankful

    Hi everyone, I am new here and thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Have a pic of my daughter I want made into a meme with the words... "Day after leg day" on the top of the pic and then the words "Do not disturb" on the bottom. Want to have it made and then put it on my...
  2. DiaGraphics

    Illustrator How To Draw Planet Earth In Adobe Illustrator - Flat Design

    How To Draw Planet Earth In Adobe Illustrator - Beginner Tutorial A very simple and quick guide to How To Draw Planet Earth In Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial is made for beginners so everyone can follow along no matter the skill level. It's made in a flat design style so it follows the latest...
  3. Z

    Photoshop Selection Glitch?

    So i was working on something in photoshop and i made a line with the pen tool then used the stroke feature to highlight it, i decided to delete it and made a new layer, i tried to paint this layer black but somehow i can only paint over this line even though i dont have it selected. Does anyone...
  4. S

    A gift for my wife

    Hi guys I have a drawing made by my son, and I want it made real. The rabbit (yes it's a rabbit:-) ) should keep its shape, but be covered with white fur, so it looks like a real rabbit, but with the funny shape it has on the drawing. If possible, I would like the background to be a green...
  5. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography 4M @ See

    This is an experiment to create my own made sea in 3D and make it interact with another 3D object. Except the lamps (3D object from Archive 3D) everything is made in PS 3D. The extra waves, water spatter and clouds are brushes. It's an experiment and I'll have to fine tune the method! Here's...
  6. F

    No title

    I was about to start a tutorial when my mind suddenly decided against it and made me create my own work. Started with the dancer. .
  7. M

    Cat helmet

    I've been searching through my old google drive and found one of my earlier attempts at photo manipulation. I still have no idea why I made it. Might have been a competition or something :rolleyes: Feel free to critique
  8. T

    How do I make the same effect ( the effect on the guy )

    I wanna make the effect that is on the guy on this image: I want the same effect but with green on this design that I made: Any methods??
  9. IamSam

    Digital Painting: A Black and White Study

    Recently Hoogle posted a link to Picarto.TV. I have spent an unusual amount of time watching other very talented artists paint. I have painted my entire life and it wasn't until a great friend of mine went from traditional paintbrushes and airbrushes over to the "sinful" Photoshop, did I ever...
  10. Paul

    How was this made please?

  11. MoltresRider

    Signature does not show

    I created a signature on this forum but my signature does not show up on ANY of my posts, NOT EVEN new posts made AFTER the time I created and uploaded the signature
  12. M

    Illustrator Need help...trying to make a photo frame in ai and I'm stuck

    Hi. Obviously I'm new to ai and all things Photoshop. Thanks in advance for any help/advice! I am trying o make a star photo frame to use on my sons birthday party invitations. I was using the pathways tool. I made a star, made a copy, resized a bit smaller to fit into the original star. used...
  13. Paul

    The Official Gif makers guild of PSG

    Post your own GIF creations here, doesn't matter at what level you are help will be given if requested. Make whatever you wish just stay clean kids:mrgreen: Local wildlife park up the road from our house I photographed this drop bear made this GIF animation, it is supposed to be all disjointed...
  14. D

    Help with Highlight/Shadow effect

    Hi guys! Noob here. i'm trying to figure out how to get a highlight/shadow effect like the one in the ring in the image below. I think two circles were made, filled with different colors, then add mask on layer -> ctrl+i -> brush or something similar. I've made some experiments but none of...
  15. L

    Help with making a hand-made logo a digital logo

    Hey guys, I'm new here! First of all forgive my bad grammar, English is not my first language. Anyways, here is my problem: A friend of mine sent me this logo he made and asked me if I could make it on Photoshop. I said I could try. This is the logo he sent me: I have NO IDEA how to do...
  16. F

    How can I make this more "natural"?

    Hello everyone, For a photobooth project, I made this photoshop: This photoshop is composed by 2 photos (background with people + box). I made some modifications: - strech the background - add an effect to make the "white" of the box whiter But I am not still convinced by the visuel. I...
  17. Eggy

    DEATH Is Waiting

    Today was the day they replaced my oil boiler. Of course no heat in the house during the that time. So I hided in my 'office' with an electric heater. From this and a hourglass from PixelSquid I made (Note: DEATH is always talking in capital letters!)
  18. IamSam

    Daily Tutorial #1 Transparent T-Shirt

    I have always stated that I try to do at least one or more tutorials a day. I find that even if I'm mostly familiar with the technique described in the tutorial, I always seem to find one or more things that I did not know. Another self imposed challenge is to alter the tutorial and try to make...
  19. J

    Requesting Embroidery design for T-shirt - Send prices

    I need someone who is experienced with Photoshop and is creative. What I am looking for is a image of Drake & Rihanna cartoonized of her grinding on drake. I will post the picture below of what I want it to look like, The image of drake that I have found online should be cartoonized like this ...
  20. Eggy

    3D 3D wooden row-boat

    Again an experiment in PS 3D. I made a wooden row-boat. I must say its doesn't look very natural but that is, in my eyes, the case for most common 3D art. Well I made the boat and I had to make use of it so I tried this Absolutely not perfect but I had fun making it (I think...) :banghead: