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  1. gautamz07

    how to make text more vibrant and more interesting to read.

    guys , I was just making a section which contains the about us paragraph . i usually see the about us sections are quite boring and the text from a users perspective is quite boring and uninteresting . have a look below : can that be made anymore interesting ? how ? i mean from a UI...
  2. Zprite

    A christmas card with a moose (photomanipulation)

    A christmas card I made with myself on the back of a moose. It was made really quick and dirty, so probably alot I could have done better. The text says "merry christmas and a happy new year" in norwegian. :wink:
  3. M

    Help with Football logo

    Hey! I have never really made a football logo (American football) and checked out the existing ones, but very hard to get a grip where tos tart from. So have anyone of you any ideas, or premade logos that can be used. The team name is "09ers" and the colors are black and yellow. I was thinking...
  4. S

    Banner for a page

    I need a banner made.. What is the going rate for one?
  5. gautamz07

    My simple login page

    Hey guys ! wass up , had nothing much to do , so made a simple login page . check it out :D :D
  6. M

    Cutting Out Clipping Mask Images

    Hi all, I have a problem with an image that I would appreciate your help with. As you can see below, the image is a t-shirt shape made up of several images like a collage/mosaic (ignore the fact that the same image is repeated, they will eventually be different images). I have achieved this...
  7. C

    Transition from edge A to edge B

    Hi, I have the following problem: I want to design clothes and have different sewingpieces at my disposal and I want an automized transition from piece A to piece B. I mainly use Illustrator and CS6. For better illustration I have made a graphic: I hope I've depicted my problem comprehensively...
  8. Cleynhens Kenney

    Newbie @ photoshop. In need of your critical professional eyes ;)

    Aight, I picked up my photo shop hobby after a long break. And started with something related to my real life experience. Now while using photoshop is a good way for me to express feelings, I also like to create images that I can keep as a memory. This aside I would still like comments on...
  9. Hybrus

    LANYARD for a friend

    hello. my friend ask me to make her a lanyard design. which is inspired by BARANGAY GINEBRA a famous basketball team in our country. . i decided to post what a made to hear some suggestion and to make my design better . . thank you in advance
  10. S

    Liquid Effect

    Hi, Im in need of some help creating a logo for a friends company. I have made a basic stripe which is going to be placed on the side of a van however my friend wants it to look like a liquid. Iv seen a few tutorials online, mainly youtube but cannot seem to find anything to suit my needs...
  11. LemonLuuk

    Darth Vader Wallpaper 1920x1080

    Just a quick little thing i made. What do you guys think?
  12. S

    3D novice-advice

    Hello all, Just want to thank everyone in advance for any insight/advice you may be able to give me. I use PS for academic purposes but do not have much experience with the 3D side of things. I am doing some academic work for an upcoming article and am hoping to do a 3D rendering of a...
  13. P

    Edge editing

    Hey guys, can someone please tell me, how to edit the edges of a circle to look like this? I made this like 3 month ago, and I don't remember how :( Can someone please help me with this? I'm sure it's not layer style, because I have in a photoshop file, and I cannot copy the layer style...also...
  14. ALB68

    A Memorial I made for a deceased Pee Wee football player

    I recently made this for a local YMCA to give to the parents of a young man that passed away. I don't know the circumstances of it but I was asked to create this for a presentation to his parents. This is almost all Photoshop work with the exception of the back and the base. I made this by first...
  15. P

    Copy and Paste changes the color?

    This one was too hard to describe by text, so I made a quick video. Any input is appreciated.
  16. B

    New Member requestiong help

    Hello brilliant people. I have almost zero knowledge on what this forum presents. I hope to find a person whom can help me with a very big problem. I haven't a clue where to start, so I guess telling my story would be the best place. My name is Britt. I make hand made all natural skin care...
  17. gautamz07

    Something random

    Sundays are so boring , had nothing to do , so just opened PS , downloaded some images from google and made something really random :P Hope u like it guys . regards . Gautam.
  18. D

    Ruins at night

    This is a composite of a pic I took with a planet and starfield I made. Critiques welcomed. What do you think/ how can I improve?
  19. inkpad.t

    The Lab.

    Wanted to do something that i to make mainly my self, used very little stock to do it. The original is 5000px width by 3500px hight. and can be fully viewed in my signature if you like. The image has been down size to be able to post it. and is in a Low Resolution. Credits for stock with...