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Cutting Out Clipping Mask Images


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Hi all,

I have a problem with an image that I would appreciate your help with.

As you can see below, the image is a t-shirt shape made up of several images like a collage/mosaic (ignore the fact that the same image is repeated, they will eventually be different images).

I have achieved this by applying clipping masks to the different image layers over the top of the t-shirt image. What I now want to do is individually save all of these images so that they can be used as buttons in Adobe Flash. This is the part I am having trouble with.

I have tried using the slice tool which does work however the saved slices are all square shaped when obviously each individual image is not always a square/rectangle. Even saving them as a .png with a transparent background, I still can't use them as when they are brought into Flash, the whole square area becomes clickable as a button which I don't always want.

Hope I've made sense there!

Thank you.