1. S

    I need to strech the photo

    Hello!! Could you help me streching the photo on both sides please?! I want to use the photo but it is too square, if possible could it be 16:9. Thank you very much for your help!!
  2. N

    Edit out the square

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could edit out the assistive touch that over the red case on my computer. I was also wondering if you there was anyway to get rid of the square number up at the top? Thank you so much!
  3. D

    Question about logo and deleting a background from a logo

    Hello to all! I'm a newbie to Photoshop and I am making a logo, but if I post it on a site, it still has a square white background. Logo looks like this: Now, I would like to remove the white square around the logo. Thank you for your answers.
  4. P

    Illustrator Gradient over a square filled with a pattern.

    Hi I have created my own pattern with a few shapes. I have filled a square object with my pattern but I would like to apply a radial gradient over the square over all the pattern combined. I am struggling and cannot find anything online, hopefully one of you gurus can assist. :banghead...
  5. I

    would it be possible to remove the two girls from this picture?

    And possibly reconstruct the part of my face that's covered? Also is there any way to make the picture square without cutting any of me/my body out? For Instagram purposes Thank you!!
  6. Eggy

    3D 3D Critter Wars

    This is a combination of PS 3D, the lady bug, and PixelSquid, the ants. The actual composite is 4500 X 3000 px but I just selected a square around the ladybug to render so it took 30 min or so. (I corrected the tank tracks in the sand)
  7. SylkRode

    Vector Edititing in CS3 - merging paths

    I've been working with a set of styles to make windows icons - Token, to be exact - and was trying to take a line of text and "knock it out" of the square tile in another layer, which would involve adding the converted paths from the text to the paths of the square to make the "hole." I want the...
  8. A

    Best way to recreate this image at a higher resolution in PS?

    This is a blown-up screen grab from a standard-definition video source. I want to recreate it from scratch in PS to give me a proper high-resolution version. On the face of it, it seems like it shouldn't be too difficult. I'm thinking it's only four solid colours plus the grid (102 x 76...
  9. M

    Cutting Out Clipping Mask Images

    Hi all, I have a problem with an image that I would appreciate your help with. As you can see below, the image is a t-shirt shape made up of several images like a collage/mosaic (ignore the fact that the same image is repeated, they will eventually be different images). I have achieved this...
  10. P

    Crop image as rectangle but ensure main part of image is in square

    Not really sure how to word this so hopefully it makes sense. I have about 300 images of staff that I want to crop to a fixed aspect ratio that is a portrait rectangle. What I want to ensure however, is that the persons face fits in a square the same width. So I thought the best way was to...
  11. M

    Photoshop filter : Does anyone know how to achieve this effect?

    Does anyone know how to achieve this effect? Is it a Photoshop filter or plugin? Thanks for any help!
  12. A

    Square Brush help

    Hi i am pretty new to photoshop CS5 and i just recently started a new project the involves pixel art. I am working on 16x16 images. There are not any perfectly square brushes preset in and no matter how many times i try to make a custom square brush, it just comes up with fuzzy pixels around the...
  13. E

    About the square rounded tool?

    How can I cut stuff out with it?
  14. K

    How to draw these shapes: square, diamond, plus sign using photoshop

    Hi, I have problem drawing these shapes in 16px by 16px using photoshop: As you can see below, the shapes for both plus and diamond are not in best quality. especially the line looks dotted and gray. Below is information for each shape: 1) square: 1 px border in black, white colour within...
  15. G

    Cutting square from larger image

    Hi, I need to cut a precise square of 350x450 from an image that is much larger. How can I easily cut out a specified area from an image to create another image? Thanks, Dave
  16. R

    Photoshop CS5 Square Brushes

    CS5 doesn't seem to have any square brushes D: I tried making my own with a 1x1 image, but CS5 mangles it and automatically adds a slightly curved edge. I don't understand I just want a hard square brush :/ Help appreciated.